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About This File

Hello Hello LL community, this is my first official mod, its not much but I'm glad to share it with everyone.


What is this mod?


A small mod that gives your female dragonborn stitches and mismatched skin patches to look zombified or badly injured, great for necromancers!


*NEW* 5/22 - Succubus skin optional mod added, Main not required.


*NEW* 6/2 - Succubus skin is now able to become darker


Whats in this mod?

  • Body stitches
  • Body patches
  • Face patches <---not a warpaint, its a facepaint
  • Face Stitches <---not a warpaint, its a facepaint
  • Hand Patches
  • Succubus body
  • Succubus hands
  • Succubus feet

How to use?

  • (Optional) Select patches and color first or it will look weird
  • select stitches and color
  • if you use the patches you also need to use the face set and hand patches or it will look weird

Its possible that this works for males too but don't quote me on that.


Im aware of the stitches not connecting on the lower ribs, for whatever reason it won't line up so until i can fix that use a corset or something(E.G. Kato, Kameleon, other mods with corsets.)


Note: You can Link to here but please do not upload this to anywhere else, I will upload it to other mod sharing sites when i think its ready.


What to look forward to with this mod?
Stitch styles based off of common or popular people/characters, custom stitch designs, maybe an NPC that you can talk to to make the showracemenu command more lore friendly.



  • Racemenu
  • I used UNPB so this might not be compatible with anything non related to it

kowaretatenshi for the idea
cornbreadtm for helping me out
Vwr for this awesome mod- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49349/?
Bethesda for creating skyrim

What's New in Version 0.6


  • 5/7/2015- Initial Release
  • 5/22/2015- Thinner stitching, Added Succubus Addon(optional)
  • 6/2/2015- Darker succubus tattoo

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