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My own HDT Physics + body presets 2.1

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About This File

Hi to all, I just wanted to share my own HDT Physics file and hope you will like it. I also added my body presets files that I use. This wonderful community given me much fun its time I return the favor to those less fortunate :)


****This HDT is not for small breasts****Body must be HDT****
New 2.1A - Medium breasts bit hanging for small and medium body - small butt movement
2.1B Much bigger breasts for small body and smaller breasts for bigger body, butt moves much more too.


version 2.0 and lower are pretty much obsolete cause new physics and skeletons couse havok. You can try if you want, GL.


You need this ---- not 100% sure cause I didnt checked it but its safer to install and for physics you need it anyway :)
I used - HDT physics 14.28
and XP-32 v3.61

What's New in Version 2.1


  • 2.1- For new HDT physics (14.28) - a version for a friend in need :) - Propably a step back but a need is a NEED :) Install 14.28, then copy my HDT file. Body slide files I used for testing inside. (used xp-32 skeleton v3.61)
  • 2.0 - Very well improved breast behavior and butt, still not perfect, but close.
  • 1.3 - Improved everything so it moves much more natural.
  • 1.2 - improved butt HDT (more butt reaction + more stable) + added a little more belly jiggle
  • 1.1a - fixed too fast movements (I hope)
  • 1.1 - modified a little HDT physics so i hope its better, and packed everything in copy paste folder ( you only need physics file )

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