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  1. Thank u very much :) Yes I was asking about beta. The game works fine, just sometimes finding privacy is difficult when there a lot of people around. So i was hoping there is a range setting :)
  2. I have a question, is there a way to reduce the privacy zone ?? or should i say public zone, it is sometimes frustrating to keep looking for privacy area. Thanku
  3. I Installed beta on old version yesterday and everything works just fine. You can say I am your guinea pig. If my game stops working or something I will let you know.
  4. I didnt know about Beta I was using the old SOIntimacy. I installed it today and it is much more simple, and thats a good thing at least I know what the NPC mood is right now.
  5. Ane more importand thnig you can never ... NEVER use FNVeditor for cleaning edits. It breakes the game. You should always read FAQ
  6. You need tocheck what you use with TTW. TTW Fixes is old and not really advised to install, but you can because one of my mod needs it and I have it and once you installed and started game with it ( and you have too do that ) you can never remove it. Also you cannot install map markers mods - it brakes locations like megaton , Or TTW fixes fixes (they are too old). And like "Dark_Lotus" said no mods enabled till you leave vault. Some are bloken manualy, other unblock automatically. Btw .... I found a program called NXInsight .... it helps a LOT
  7. HI to all I also left FO4 and got back to TTW. After many ....MANY disconnects I finally have 100% non-crash game ... so if someone needs some help PM me or type here. I got 1 question .... does anyone got any txt or link to all console commands/edits for SOI ?? like ... (NX_SetEVFL "Atr:Libido") Edit: I forgot to mention ... SOI is awesome addon I bow to you
  8. 1. The horse is way too close, You should give it 10 meters or something like that. It is literally pushing me all the time. 2. It has a female voice ...... O_o
  9. Dont take me 100% on that, I didnt checked that so I might be mistaken. I am a bit tired I am going to sleep. Maybe I will bug you a little tomorrow ;p
  10. np I just installed 1.16 so I will stop bugging you ;p 1. yes 2.yes 3. didnt do that 4. found father couldnt do the abortion, when I asked about that he said I am sorry but I cannt do that cause it would be dangerous or something like that. When I been pregnant I needed to go to the exact guy that do me But there was few times when I could dialog force a guy that you are the father and just extort some caps of him, even tho he might not be the father.
  11. You asked me that already, and I completed them both father and abortion.
  12. Any quest .... in the railroad when delivering first quest item to doc, on prydwen when first talking to doctor, in diamond city there was 1 thing, and few others, even assaultron in goodneighbor (shopkeper) showed me only dialogue dots (....) didnt want to talk to me till pregnancy was finished. Its not the matter of which quest .... MOD just blocks all quest lines till pregnancy is gone, when pregnancy is gone I can continue quest. For now I returned to 1.16, I am a bit tired of constant resets all the time. Yes normal dialogue just gives me few new lines like barter and anything new doc, quest wont work. Let me be precise it blocks all quest with doctors cause it shows its own dialogue menu, the rest of quests are fine, only weird thing was with assaultron in goodneighor.
  13. I can say that having a baby with the doctor works 100% ok, he tested his own DNA and its fine, but when I have a quest to talk to him I still cannt talk to him about quest.
  14. It makes me wonder if its just me, or no one got to the point where they are pregnanant and have some quest with some doctor. Maybe I just get the 1.16 it was fine for me actualy.
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