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About This File

This Mod adds 48 Cool T-shirts with funny slogans or just cool pictures/logos.


Now you can travel the commonwealth in style with your cool T-shirt on!


The logos and wording gets distorted on larger breasted women.


bodyslide files for Fusion Girl and CBBE.


I have included my meshes for males. the default is for EVB males fit.


I do not know how to make bodyslide files for bodytalk and have not yet upgraded to body talk 3 so they might not work properly anyway.


Craft at Chem Station Under "Cool T-Shirts"


Future Plans:

- Add a vendor version to sell the T-shirts so one of the first people you meet is selling bootleg T-Shirts.


T-Shirt Requests:

I don't mind taking requests for additional T-Shirts but please find me the logo in good form to add. I will work with you when I am ready to do the next "Crop" of T-Shirts. I first want to make a vendor version.





What's New in Version 1.0.0


Vendor version added:

Going forward I will only be updating the vendor version. If you don't want to deal w the vendor you can use console commands to obtain the book to craft the T-Shirts or just buy it off of him.


Vendor Info:

None other than the famous "Harry the Hat" played by the late Harry Anderson in Cheers.


Location: the back lot of the unmarked "Concord Factory" location. Find the Table that has bootleg T-shirts on it with the guy In the hat.

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