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Devourment Refactor 2021-10-11

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About This File

Devourment is an entire lineage of vore mods. Devourment Refactor is my attempt to make a version of Devourment that is stable, maintainable, and extensible.




  • Bug testing is always helpful. 
  • SKSE: there are several SKSE functions we need; if you have any skill at making SKSE plugins, we'd love your help (my C++ skills atrophied decades ago).
    • The hard part for me is linking to existing SKSE plugins -- specifically NiOverride and JContainers.
  • Art: we'd love to have custom icons for spells and powers, instead of using MagInvAbsorb and MagicHatMarker for everything.
    • It's also helpful to suggest better spell icons from the vanilla game.
  • Is there a horse skeleton in the vanilla game anywhere, or in a mod that has open permissions? A horse skeleton would be handy.
  • Add more information to the Wiki. LOTS more.




  • Any bug report about a CTD MUST be accompanied by NetScriptFramework crash log. And please put it in a SPOILER tag, like a civilized person.
  • The SKSE Address Library Plugin is requirement of Devourment's requirements. It was missing from the requirement list, so I added it. Honestly it never even occurred to me that anyone would NOT already have it installed.
  • Bug reports about dialogue are useless unless you include the line that the PLAYER speaks. I need to know that line in order to find the correct dialogue.
  • Devourment Refactor is completely, 100% INCOMPATIBLE with other Devourment mods. Don't even try it. Don't do it!
  • If you have questions about how the code works, please ask. 




Thank you to ForgetfulHatter for this lovely installation video!


Macross put together a guide looking at Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
BS_Primer.pdf (dropbox.com)


Thank you to InfinityKage for developing a wiki!

Devourment Refactor Wiki | Fandom



Notable Features

  • It's SSE only. If you find it works for you in Legendary edition, then I'm happy for you.
  • It's relatively stable and has decent performance. Some code was moved into a JContainers Lua backend script.
  • The main loop shuts down when there are no digestions in progress.
  • Removed some of the spells because they were still buggy.
  • Removed the special abilities for voring members of humanoid races. Seemed way too overpowered. You already gain skills from your prey anyway.
  • Removed the vore weapons and armor, except for the Blade of Diminution and the Ring of Augmentation.
  • ForgetfulHatter's vore dialogue mods has been completely incorporated.
  • Stranger's dialogue was incorporated, then decorporated and moved to Gherking's dialogue add-on.
  • No more cloak spell or scanner quest killing performance in populated areas; it uses PowerOfThree's Spell Perk Item Distributor plugin instead.
  • Sound are mostly fixed, so that the right ones play at the right time and stop when they should. No longer requires a tiny database just to manage it all.
  • Built-in support for INeed, MiniNeeds, RealisticNeedsAndDiseases/IWant, SunHelm, and CC Survival Mode.
  • Supports EasyWheel!
  • Lots of bug fixes. So many.
  • Compacted into a ESMFE.
  • Perks: true perk system using thanks to Meh321's Custom Skills Framework, with separate Pred and Prey trees.
  • Event system: makes it easy to use Devourment as a soft dependency for other mods.
  • MCM: provides a lot more debugging options including a list of current stomach contents.
  • MultiVore: preds can swallow multiple prey.
  • MetaVore: preds can swallow other preds, even if they are currently digesting their own prey.
  • Meters: health bars and struggle bars showing the status of your prey. The player also gets a struggle bar.
  • Struggle System: struggle free using the movement keys instead of just waiting for the timer to expire.
  • Debugging Mode: your vore attacks always succeed, you can endo anyone, access to all of the vore spells, and tons of extra data in the console and Papyrus log. Ruins performance. Sooo slow.
  • Equipment: items can be swallowed and passed; prey can be automatically stripped while being digested, and you can swallow any item that you grab.
  • Endo Control: when you are endoed by a follower, you can control their movement (but not combat). You CAN make them vomit you at a target though, which is super fun.
  • Bellies: supports Macross and Gaz's morphvore struggle belly and bodies. Trust me, they are a big improvement over anything else.
  • So much more.




Hard Requirements


Wet And Cold

  • Wet and Cold SE was not converted to SSE format correctly, and it will cause crashes under a wide variety of circumstances. 





  • Sexlab (Devourment will try to stop processing anyone involved in a sex scene, and can trigger a few scenes itself)
  • Easy Wheelmenu -- Some Devourment powers can be activated from the wheelmenu.
  • iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, iWant RND for CACO, Mini SSE Needs, SunHelm Survival, and Creation Club Survival Mode
  • Frostfall -- being inside of a predator will keep you warm, but you'll be soaked when you get out -- Tauntaun style.
  • WeightMorphs SE at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus -- Devourment includes patched scripts for WeightMorphs.
    • Adds support for some of the coldsteel sliders.
    • Digesting prey will cause weightgain for the player.


Might Conflict

  • Frozen Electrocuted Combustion -- sometimes it will cause script explosion when used with Devourment.
    • I think it's mostly fixed though, which is good because it's SO GOOD. Such a good mod. PO3 work is excellent, consistently.
  • BHUNP, UUNP, any UNP really -- the textures are not supported by the equippable belly or the morphvore bodies.
    • They'll work fine as long as you don't use Devourment's equippable bellies.
    • You'll also need to change the stomach slider to something that your preferred body actually has.
  • SmoothCam, Alternate Conversation Camera, any other mod that changes the camera.
  • Horny Creatures of Skyrim -- changes the paths to creature bodies, so the MorphVore creature bodies wont show up.
  • More Nasty Critters -- same problem as Horny Creatures of Skyrim.
  • SkyBirds -- skybirds is incompatible with not crashing. Don't use SkyBirds. Ever.







The Heroes

  • Vegan for starting Devourment (before getting all litigious)
  • KongPow -- Devourment modder of the old republic.
  • Sider -- another of the old school Devourment modders.
  • Stranger -- for one of the dialogue mods that has been incorporated and then decorporated.
  • ForgetfulHatter -- for another one of the dialogue mods that was incorporated, and for helping design the locus vore system.
  • Gaz -- ideas, criticism, feedback, problem solving, sanity maintenance, and the 3BA MorphVore body.
  • Macross -- the animated struggle system, general problem solving, the MorphVore bellies, animated vomit, and cleaning up the bodyslide folder.
  • Genki - art human, creator of the new Devourment MCM image and most of the graphics in the installer, and some amazing screenshots.
  • Kendri -- for greatly improving the scream sound effects.
  • Rox -- developer of the morphable creature bodies.
  • Galmar1313 -- creator of Devourment Male and Female. I used DFAM as my starting point and a lot of those bones are still present. Both literally and figuratively.
  • Redman the Hungry Fox -- Devourment coder of the long ago, tester, contributor.


If you belong on this list and are not mentioned yet, please do speak up so that we can get your name in there!



All of my code is released freely for anyone to do anything they want (the Apache 2.0 license, to be specific).

HOWEVER! It is all hopelessly intermingled with other people's code, so do not rely on that permission.



Archive of previous versions and media: https://mega.nz/folder/7k5i0ISS#fqA8oYD9iKHtFwr8hhv7SQ


Edited by markdf
Updated ForgetfulHatter's video to the newest version.

What's New in Version 2021-10-11



  • More sanity checks in the randomnoms system.
  • Fixed Vore Sleep not working.
  • Fixed a very stupid bug in the PseudoAI that kept it from working.
  • Workaround in PseudoAI for the fact that OnCombatStateChanged doesn't always get sent.
    • Apparently OnCombatStateChanged depends in some unclear way on the navmesh an actor is standing on, and how they are standing on it?
    • If you know more about this weirdness, please let me know.
  • Slowdown effect from fullness should scale inversely with pred skill.
  • Combat corpse vore workaround...

User Feedback

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forgetful hatter

   26 of 26 members found this review helpful 26 / 26 members

As silly as this'll sound this mod, this idea for a vore mod Devourment has indeed come a long way.

even before I came onto the vore scene 6 or so years back I seen videos of really old devourment builds, ones that didn't even use an MCM menu. it had male vore put it that way.


but this build by far is the best, it gives users so many options to tweak and adjust to their vore experience to the kind they want
if they wanna be the only pred, go for it
if you want only animals doing it, go nuts
if you're feeling nostalgic, heck enable female only vore ;)  

one of my personal favorite things is of course the script speed. older devourment builds were slow with the swallow. This one is fast.
that was indeed the main thing that made me jump to special edition skyrim from legendary edition.

Yes I literally jumped to special edition skyrim for a vore mod. ain't that something?

once i jumped i noticed dialogue was similar to something i put together. i nervously approached the dev mark about it with proof and he was super cool about it.
I was over the moon at how he credited me so i made those install videos as an extra thanks to such a cool dude.

Granted the mod is a lil tricky to install, but the requirements are helpful as many other mods use it. so once you're done installing this vore mod you'll find it easy to install plenty of other mods too.  

I enjoy making videos with it and doing my best to try and help people experience it too :) 

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· Edited by Dave61

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Love this version so much, I went back to SSE. Truly awesome work, makes the game far more interesting.



Holy Smoke! I did not have it properly installed. The game would not run with net script framework...so I removed it. The mod still ran, although buggy, but I thought ah this is still great! 

I discovered the culprit, from redit, Disable Webroot, and there is no more issue.


Now I see what I have been missing...This should be a DLC, this is beyond my imagination, Thank you so much

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   20 of 21 members found this review helpful 20 / 21 members

This is the best version of the mod so far... by a long shot. It pulls together all the progress that has been made from all the various contributors into one easy package. Seriously well done! 


Quick note regarding Anniversary Edition, the hold up has nothing to do with this mod, and everything to do with all the tools that this mod uses. Right now the big culprit is .NET Script Framework. It's not updated yet, and until it is it's no use posting here asking for an AE version. 

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   11 of 12 members found this review helpful 11 / 12 members

helped me relies a fetish I didn't know I had 

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· Edited by Denelix

   18 of 21 members found this review helpful 18 / 21 members

Good Fun

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   6 of 9 members found this review helpful 6 / 9 members

I hope there will be a version of the anniversary edition.

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   7 of 13 members found this review helpful 7 / 13 members

Good mod, but update it to AE please :)!

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· Edited by Neurax

   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

i've seen the mod in action and i know it's great, but when i tried installing Skyrim SE would open at all and i'm hoping to find some help with that.

Edit: i took advice to remove the net script framework and now i get a window titled "EngineFixes.dll" and it says: REL/Relocation.(567): failed to open fille

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   1 of 9 members found this review helpful 1 / 9 members

unbirth not working. after the blue bar full. nothing happen

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