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7b (Sevenbase) HDT conversion for HDT Piercings 4 files currently

11 Screenshots

About This File

FOR THOSE THAT ARE ASKING (NO I WILL NOT CONVERT THIS INTO ANOTHER BODY MESH. I DO NOT WANT TO NOR DO I CARE WHAT BODY YOU USE.) I am not being rude or mean. I feel already that I have done enough by converting these meshes to the body that I and several other people use and allowing other people to use it. If you wish to have it work for your body mesh, please feel free to make the conversions yourself. I learned how to do so in roughly about 6 hours of actually trial and error and a lot of youtube watching.


This is a converstion of the HDT Piercings 2.6 that Lothar made to the HDT 7b (Sevenbase) body. It is the HDT Sevenbase Bombshell body made by Blabba.


As soon as I finish the conversions I will take pictures of them. But they should be nearly identical to the ones made by the HDT piercing sets.



Replace the meshes from http://www.loverslab.com/topic/28395-hdt-piercingsets-26-for-bodyslide/


Use a 7b HDT body from Blabba




Currently there are 4 files


Newmiller Hearts and Wings

Newmiller Piercings

AH1 Piercings

SED7 Piercings






Blabba for the 7B HDT Body (HDT body mesh)

Lother for the original HDT Piercing 2.6 (HDT Piercing set 2.6)

Shazhar for his piercing meshes (SED7 Piercings)

Randomguy43 for his piercingset (UNPB Piercings for AH1)

Hentaijin for his AH1 Piercingset HDT conversion

Newmiller for his piercingset meshes

XP32, Groovtama for their XPMS skeletons

Nightasy for his 3dsMax help and tutorials







What's New in Version 4 files currently


  • - Added pictures, proper credits, and everything else to make it finished.
  • - Converted the AH1 piercings to the 7b HDT body.
  • - Converted the rest of the Newmiller's piercings. (FYI the HDT piercing set had chains that were warped and ugly. I redid them to make them not stretch out and look funky).
  • - Converted Newmillers Piercings (Hearts and Wings) set for HDT 7b.

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