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CP patch for SE+ Humanoids and Lustful Void and Wild Lascivity



Preliminary Remarks:

The patch is made with permission of the author of the base mods. All credits go to him and the creators of Lustful Void and Wild Lascivity.

The only things I did was adjusting things a little which is not rocket science. Please don’t repost on STEAM or under your name. STEAM will delete these mods very soon and reposting under your name elsewhere is just…. Guess I don’t have to explain that.

Please read below to avoid trouble with the mod.




Q + A:

Q: What does this patch do?

A: Include the jobs from Lustful Void and Wild Lascivity into the base mod.

Q: Is this a nude patch too?

A: Yes but don’t expect all of your population to be fully nude. They still wear something. More or less. This belongs to your government style, the jobs the pops have and so on.

Q: I don’t have the base mod. Where can I find it?

A: Link to the original mod:

SE- Humanoid



Q: The mod is so tiny. Does it contain any models?

A: No. No. It just unleashes what is already in the base mod and changes some logic parts to give it  a more adult look and feel and includes the various sex themed jobs from LV and WL.


Q: Does it work without LV and WL?

A: Yes. LV and WL are not needed to enjoy the full glory of the mod.




Unzip the mod in your Paradox mod folder  NOT into the STEAM mod folder.

Deactivate the original SE+ mod if it is installed.

Activate the CP patch in the laucher.


Load Order

SE – Humanoid

SE+ Humanoid LV WL CP Patch




SE base mods should be loaded after regular Stellaris race mods like Remastered Elves or other race mods on STEAM or on LoversLab like SSX.

The SSX patches for should be loaded after the SE mods and the CP patch.

What's New in Version 1.01


Change Log

Vers. 1.01

Removed some typos and logic bugs.




Please delete the old mod from your Paradox mod folder before unzipping Vers. 1.01 to it. Otherwise it might not work correctly.

Changes might not be visible in a save game.

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