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![LL] Empires for LV.zip 1.0.2 or whatever?

About This File

![LL] Empires for LV


  • This file contains 3 premade empires including 4 humanoid races (3 human, 1 elfish) with thematic Lustful Void traits. They are set to spawn in every game. Obviously you should run this alongside Lustful Void.
  • Briefly, one is a female moo-cow race, ready for the milking, another is a bunch of randy ladies of negotiable affection, and the last is a syncretic race with warlike, big-dick dominators and gentle, unity-boosting submissives. Have fun collecting.
  • No more conflicts.

What's New in Version 1.0.2 or whatever?


What's new: Some horny sluts for hire.


 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans3:0 "Bovarian Combine"
 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans3_desc:0 "The Bovarian Combine proved that genetic engineering can adapt a species to thrive in any environment. Able to subsist on virtually all types of feed, they will produce milk to compensate any sort of nutritional need. Not only this, but the very act of being restrained and milked provides them with deep satisfaction, if not outright gratification."
 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans4:0 "Karnalian Servitors"
 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans4_desc:0 "Karnalian Servitors pride themselves on differences. Dimorphic, to say the least, their males exhibit extreme dominance and aggression, their females extreme compliance and enthusiastic submission. Constant sexual activity makes any of their planets a favored resort by certain clientele."
 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans5:0 "Metraxian Sense Merchants"
 EMPIRE_DESIGN_humans5_desc:0 "Metraxian Sense Merchants provide necessary services of rest and relaxation to anyone, or any species. Seeing everything and everyone as a commodity to trade, use or, sometimes, abuse has turned their society into one large corporation, where pleasure or pain can be had, for a price."

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