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About This File

This is a release of the Break Undies for Skyrim Armors with sliders for Caliente's Bodyslide and has belly node scaling for use with Pregnancy bodies.




Caliente for their wonderful tools that made this possible.

Pandaman for their release of Break Undies for skyrim and their collection of BU-Armors

kevin282819 for their release of a fixed version of BU-Schwertleite (which was used to make the pregnancy version)

xp32 for their UNP Blessed Body- UNPB REDUX Project

XenoGenesis for the original Schwertleite armor.

JosefGrey for inspiring Pandaman to make the Break Undies mod

Brainsperm for modeling the damage for hide, leather, ebony mail. (these are currently not included in my list of augmented armors)



Conflicts and Issues

There are only a few conflicts I have ran into other than those mentioned on Pandaman's page.


These conflicts are:
  • Lack of testing. I am the only one that has tested this so far but both seem to work fine.
  • Slight clipping. both of these armors seem to add a bodysuit to the armor so there is some slight flatness and with the armors that are for UNPB, there is some slight clipping.
  • Slavetats and Dibellan Defender - Naked Heroines of Skyrim V1.1.0 (when using some of the tattoos that are on the breasts they will stick out over the armor. I believe this is because the armors add some sort of suit to the mesh and the tattoos are a layer on the body's textures.

What I Use for my mod

  • CBBE
  • HDT
  • PSB

I have listed these three main body affecting mods because they are what I have tested my mod with.



How to Install

My mod is simple to install.

  1. First install all the required mods
  2. Then just extract my files
  3. Then drop the extracted files into your steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data folder. The file pathing should take care of the rest
  4. Then make sure that the files were put into the right places
  5. Then run Bodyslide and build your desired pregnancy body and build the batches after your body is built


1. Will you be fixing the clipping issues?


Answer: I have no plans too. Unfortunately I do not have the artistic skills or the know how to fix textures. I'm sure there is a tool included with Caliente to fix it but I am not entirely sure how to do so.


2. Will you be releasing augments of the other BU-Armors?


Answer: I probably will at some point (hopefully in the near-future) but I want to make sure that my current augments work well enough. Therefore, I need feedback from people, note if it is a scripting issue then I can't really help with that because I just augmented the meshes with a belly node and made sliders for them.


3. Can we have permission to alter or change these?


Answer: This question is hard to answer. While I do not really care if my work is reworked by someone who does it better I will not permit a re-release of my augments if they are exactly the same as the ones I have released. This means that they have to be better than what I have done; I would say worse but because I threw these together in a couple of hours with very little knowledge of what I was doing, I would have to say that there may be no worse/better way to do it.


4. Will you be removing this mod?


Answer: There are only two reasons why I would remove this mod. They are as follows:

A. I am told to by the Admins/Moderators of Loverslab or any of the people I have credited.

B. If the mod does not work and I am unable to fix it. In that event it will become a dead file and I will remove it.


5. How can we contact you for requests or critiques?


Answer: Just post in the support forum. If I don't reply within a week then don't fear probably just means I am busy, just send me an IM and I'll take a look at it.

What's New in Version V1.0A


  • V1.0A: Initial Release. (Added BU-Amiella and BU-Schwertleite)

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