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Momiji Sexualized Hot Summer Costume 1.0.0

14 Screenshots

About This File

This mod contains Momiji's Hot Summer costume with various parts removed in 7 different combinations:

1. Momiji COS101 NoShorts - just a red bikini without jeans shorts

2. Momiji COS101 NoPanty NoShorts Shaved - completely bottomless, shorts and panty are removed

3. Momiji COS101 NoPanty NoShorts - same as 2, but with public hair texture

4. Momiji COS101 NoPanty - red panty removed, only shorts and top left

5. Momiji COS101 Topless NoPanty - panty and top removed, only jeans shorts left (my favorite variation)

6. Momiji COS101 Topless NoShorts - shorts and top removed, only red panty left

7. Momiji COS101 Topless - only red top removed, panty and shorts left

See the first screenshot in full zoom for visual comparison between vanilla costume and all variations of the mod.

Thanks for:

Vagonumero13: REDELBE, rdbtool, g1mtools
Ausgeek: 3Dmigoto tools for Blender
h4sjohnson: Improved soft body script (originally made by Ausgeek)

用户名623: Momiji nude mod (Partial use)

SaafRats: Nude mod (Momiji nude mod is based on it)

HI-METAL: Pubic Hair texture


1. Install REDELBE first (if you don't have it already)
2. Unpack the content of the archive to your game root folder with overwrite


1. Select the costume MOM_COS_101 for Momiji
2. While selecting the costume Press F key on keyboard or Back key on gamepad to select the needed variation of the mod



The mod requires DOA6 Hot Summer Costume - Momiji DLC if it is not already included in your game.

Tested on Game version 1.22 and REDELBE version 2.7. Also will work on any older version of the game, which contains Momiji and Hot Summer Costume DLC for her.


Possible bugs:

Some minor clippings are possible on her shorts on NoPanty variations in some very rare poses, i already have minimized it as far as i could, but perhaps still not ideally.

Please send me a screenshot if you find a pose in which this damn clippings still occur.

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