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This will be a collection of all further repacks I get the Permission to upload here. At the Moment there is only 1 collection, consisting of 4 downloads here, but this might be expanded in the future depending if I get more permissions. If you like the Packs please take the time to visit the original Authors pages to download & endorse their original mods, to thank them for their great work and their permission that I may redistribute them as a SlaveTats package.


Big file size warning! Some of those overlays are in a 4096x4096 resolution. They will take a fair bit of HDD once extracted. If your system can't handle this high res textures, you can reduce quality with tools like Optimizer Textures. You will loose quality, especially in the finer details, though. I recommend using lower res textures in less noticable places than Tattoos, though.



This will (hopefully) be a collection of repacks of various Racemenu Overlay Plugins for SlaveTats.

I always advocate that you use the original mod instead of mine, but there might be a couple of reasons why you might want to use these repacks additionally to or instead of the original mod:

1. Using them for NPCs. Note that I've been told that future versions of EFF might also offer that Feature. So if you can use that, I advocate using the original mod instead.

2. cutting back on esp usage, as SlaveTats addons don't use an extra esp.

3. Not using RaceMenu (You only need NiOverride) Note: I personally do use Racemenu, and I strongly suggest supporting them for their work, as without them this wouldn't be possible

4. I have a CBBE Body + UNP Follower (or vice versa)


Note that I have packed them in a way that you can install all versions of a collection, without overwriting anything, so that you can use all of them, if you like to.

Also note that, unless written elsewhere, I didn't upload any Screenshots. This is intentional. All the Repacks I provide have Screenshots on their original Mod page, and I want you to go and visit that site. ;)



Slavetats and all its Requirements


Currently available Packs:

AncientKanes Pubic Hairstyles CBBE/UNP (4 downloads)

A collection of 5+10 really nice high quality Pubic Hairstyles.

Full credits for the Artwork go to AncientKane. I didn't alter his original Textures in any way, I just repacked them for SlaveTats.



There are 4 downloads in this collection:

A hairstyles pack with 10 more exotic styles and a pack with 5 classic styles for CBBE and UNP.

All files are located in


and they all begin with





ElaNeith's The Neith Team Warpaints Set (1 download)

A collection of 50 nice Warpaints.

Full Credits for the original artwork go to ElaNeith

Important Note: I had to convert these, because the Skyrim engine handles warpaints different than overlays. I used a method, that should have preserved all the details and transparencies and they should look exactly the same ingame, but still these are technically not unmodified.



This set contains the folder


and the json file






Use Mod Organizer or NMM


extract the contents of the Zip files to your Skyrim/Data folder



Use Mod Organizer or NMM


Delete the Files and Folders listed in the Pack Description




All the original Authors for their mods and allowing me to redistribute them!

murfk for Slavetats

Ethatron for BSAopt

Notepad++ for making editing text files that easy



All of the artwork belongs to the respective Authors. You may not redistribute them without their explicit Permission.

All the *.json files are made by me. I allow to use them for educational purposes or as basis for your own mod, but don't redistribute them, as it may lead to complications with possible future versions.

What's New in Version 2.0


  • v1.0 - Initial release
  • v2.0 - added The Neith Team Warpaints Set

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