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This is a repack of The Coenaculi - RaceMenu Plugin for Tattoos. If you like this, please head over to the original mods page and download & endorse it to thank Desufire for the amazing work and allowing me to repack this for Slavetats.


Big file size warning! Those overlays are in a 4096x4096 resolution. They will take a fair bit of HDD once extracted. If your system can't handle this high res textures, you can reduce quality with tools like Optimizer Textures. You will loose quality, especially in the finer details, though. I recommend using lower res textures in less noticable places than Tattoos, though.



This is a repack of "The Coenaculi - RaceMenu Plugin for Tattoos" for the use with Slavetats.

It allows you to pick and choose between 100+ Body tattoos, 20+ Face tattoos, 10+ Hand tattoos, and 10+ Feet tattoos, all available to you and your favourite Followers and NPCs.

There are excellent screenshots available on the original mods page, showing the look and placement of each of the tattoos.

There are 3 Files in the download section:

The Coenaculi Makeup for Slavetats version Kyu.7z - This only contains Face, Hand and Feet options. These should be independent from the body of your choice, and should work with all currently available Body choices.

The Coenaculi - Tattoo Parlor plugin for Slavetats UNP_MALE_Vanilla version Kyu.7z - This is the UNP/Vanilla version. It should work with all bodies based on Vanilla or UNP bodies.

The Coenaculi - Tattoo Parlor plugin for Slavetats CBBE version Kyu.7z - This is the CBBE Version and should work with all bodies based on CBBE.

Note: You can Install all 3 versions at the same time. They each go into different directories, and nothing should get overwritten, so you have the maximum choice for your setup.



Slavetats and all its Requirements



Use Mod Organizer or NMM


extract the contents of the Zip files to your Skyrim/Data folder



Use Mod Organizer or NMM


Delete the following folders and files:

textures/actors/character/slavetats/The Coenaculi CBBE/

textures/actors/character/slavetats/The Coenaculi UNP/

textures/actors/character/slavetats/The Coenaculi Makeup/







Desufire for the original "The Coenaculi - RaceMenu Plugin for Tattoos"

murfk for Slavetats

Ethatron for BSAopt

Notepad++ for making editing text files that easy



All of the artwork belongs to Desufire. You may not redistribute them without his explicit Permission.

All the *.json files are made by me. I allow to use them for educational purposes or as basis for your own mod, but don't redistribute them, as it may lead to complications with possible future versions.

What's New in Version Kyu


  • Kyu: Initial release

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