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【MISSME】♥ Animations♥ [LL v1.9] [P v1.9]

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 My name is MISSME and I make a variety of content for The Sims 4! I've been doing so since 2014, took a break then jumped back in on May 9th 2019! I've been making CC ever since! I Hope that you enjoy my content as much as I loved making it!


Please read this post before downloading!


These packages will add about 78 animations & 4 props to your Devious Desires & Wicked Whims installs, please enjoy!

Love & credit to @Villianize for helping me with my Milk Machine and re-making my Milk Bottles~



List of Animations [Patreon early access animations are marked in orange]

You can find the list & object download links on my tumblr~

You can preview all animations here~


✮*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✧*˚ New Animations ˚*✧˚*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✮

[F-Solo] Curiosity --Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[F-Solo] Shock --Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects--


[F-Solo] Use Me Anal--Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects--



[F-Solo] Take Over --Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[F-Solo] Use Me --Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects--


[F-Solo] Worth Climax --Strange Sprout|Asketo's ts4 objects|Cherry Pie's Cum Mesh v2--



✮*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✧*˚ Existing Animations ˚*✧˚*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✮


[MSolo] Thicc Milker 1 --Twerk and Work: Cum Milker--
[M+F] Work Time 1~! --Missy's Yum Milk Machine--
[M+F] Milking Time --Dining Table|Cum Mesh v2 & Milk Pitcher--
[B+B] My Heart To Yours --Floor--
[M+F] Stroke It Just This Once --Floor--
[M+F] Ass Job --Floor--
[M+F] What are you here --Door--
[M+F] Why So Shy --Floor--
[M+F] You Want This --Floor--
[M+F+F] Sandwiched --Floor--
[M+F] Of Another World Intro --Floor|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[M+F] Of Another World 2 --Floor|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[M+F] Milking From Behind --Floor|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Precious Breastfeeding --Sofa--
[F Solo] Milkmaid --Sofa|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Bar Creep Intro --Bar--
[M+F] Bar Creep 2 --Bar--
[M+F] Bar Creep 3 --Bar--


[M+B] Milking My Beau --V1 Milking Station|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Cocky Hand Job 1 + 2 --Double Bed--
[M+F] Caged 1-2 --Human Display Cage--
[M+F] Its ok to stroke it... --Floor--
[M+F] Cock Stroking --Floor--
[M+F] Sleeping Hand Job --Double Bed--
[B+B]Futa! Futa! --Floor--


[M+F] Cocky BJ --Double Bed--
[B+B] Futa Milking 1-3 --Floor|Midnight Raven|Huge Futanari Penis with Testicles--
[B+B+B+B] Group Futa BJ --Floor--

[M+F] Sinister Stage 1 --Double Bed--
[M+F] Sinister Stage 2 --Double Bed--
[M+F] Sinister Stage 3 --Double Bed--
[M+F+F+M] Back 2 Back --Floor | Cum Mesh v2--



[MSolo] Thicc Milker 2 --Twerk and Work: Cum Milker--
[M+F] Pressed Doggy --Floor--
[M+F+F] Moral Support --Counter--
[M+F] Puppy of Luxury --Animated Sailboat--
[M+F] Always So Rough  --Floor--
[M+F] Standing Fuck from Behind --Floor--
[B+B] Futa Fuck --Floor--
[M+F+F] Three can be a party --Double Bed--
[M+F] Of Another World 3 --Floor|Asketo's ts4 objects--

[M+F] Restricted --Kritical: Dungeon Furniture--

[M+Futa] Smoke Break --Living Chair | haneco ts4 cigarette acc01--


[M+F] Work Time 2~! --Missy's Yum Milk Machine--
[M+F] Keep Me Close --Floor--  
[M+F] For The World To See [Window]
[M+F] Ride Him Like you Need Him [Floor]
[M+F] Reverse Sitting Cowgirl [Floor]
[M+F] Couch Cowgirl [Couch]
[M+F] Stuck Underneath the Table [Coffee Table]
[M+F] Counter Doggy  [Counter]
[M+F] Mating Missionary [Bed]
[M+F] 'My Gift' 1-3 --Kritical's Hole of Holes--
[M+F] We shouldn't be doing this --Door--
[M+F] Seduced --Double Bed--
[M+F+F] Three's a crowd --Double Bed--
[M+F] I love you --Dining Chair--
[M+F] Of Another World 1 --Floor|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[M+F] Distracted --Double Bed|Requires IABR's IPhone Acc (Right Hand)--


[MSolo] Thicc Milker Climax --Twerk and Work: Cum Milker|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Cocky BJ Climax --Double Bed|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Pressed Doggy Climax --Floor|Cum Mesh v2--
[B+B] Futa Milking --Floor|Midnight Raven|Cum Mesh v2|Huge Futanari Penis with Testicles--
[M+F] Caged Climax --Human Display Cage & Cum Mesh v1--
[M+F] Of Another World Climax --Floor|Asketo's ts4 objects--
[M+F] Messy Cowgirl --Sofa|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Sloppy Mating Press --Floor|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Bar Creep Climax --Bar--
[B+B] Futa! Futa! Climax! --Floor|Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Distracted Climax --Double Bed|IABR's IPhone Acc (Right Hand)|Cum Mesh v2--
[B+B+B+B] Group Futa BJ --Floor|Cum Mesh v2--

[M+F] Sinister Stage 1 Climax --Double Bed | Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Sinister Stage 2 Climax --Double Bed | Cum Mesh v2--
[M+F] Sinister Stage 3 Climax --Double Bed | Cum Mesh v2--




I am forever grateful to the people who like my content, even more so if they choose to pledge to my page! When you do so, you receive little goodies from me:


  • Tutorials for Blender & Marvelous Designer [+Support]
  • Access to early previews to content [animations & clothing] through weekly Journals
  • Ability to request Clothing, Sims and/or Animations
  • Early access to my Wicked Whims animations
  • Monthly gift consisting of anything from Clothing, Body Presets, Animations, etc...
  • Access to Google Drive with all of my content


Even if you don't want to pledge, a follow is just as appreciated. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to simply visit and give my content a download!

If you're looking for more information on my Patreon rewards, please visit my Tumblr~





Edited by MISSME12
fixing the title which was just a bunch of ?s for some reason lel

What's New in Version [LL v1.9] [P v1.9]   See changelog


  • Added more accessible prop for strange sprout
  • Added GUID for prop Strange Sprout to new animation set

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