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  1. I did a little bit more testing and I found that if you do not have the required objects for animations that require them then those animations simply won't show up on the list. Please make sure you have Asketo's objects unzipped and placed in your mods folder along with Cherry Pie's Cum Mesh v2, not v1 from Lover's Lab.
  2. Typing my creator name (MISSME) in the search bar should show you my objects. If not, make sure your tick "Custom Content" in the filter menu when you're in Buy/Build mode!
  3. I did a bit more testing in regards of animations now showing up and if you don't have the required objects then the animation that uses them won't show up on the list. Make sure you have Cherry Pie's cum mesh v2, not v1 from Lover's Lab.
  4. Heyah, I haven't run into this issue myself and I wouldn't know how to fix it if I did since I'm not the creator of the tentacles. I would try asking Asketo about that since they are the creator of the object and will know more about it than me!
  5. Weird, perhaps they took it down or updated it? You can get the one I have here.
  6. I made an non-debug version of the sprout and put it in my props zip folder so you can use it with this animation set. Please re-download! ❤️
  7. These animations are not in my Wicked Whims package as I said on this thread and DD update post. I must've used an older copy of my change log by accident but, it should be fixed now!
  8. I've always thought about adding sound but,personally, I hate the way the sims in the ts4 sound. I'll get over it eventually but I dunno when that'll happen. Glad you like them despite that, heh ❤️
  9. Yep, all my milking animations require Devious Desires. They are no long in my wicked whims package.
  10. Hello! I would love to help but I don't have any idea what milking animations people are referring to. I assume it's the table milking one and I've already addressed not knowing why it works for some but not for others. There's nothing I can do to fix it unfortunately being that I'm not able to replicate the issue since I see all of my animations in game. I can only tell you to make sure: You do not have duplicates of my animation packages in your mods folder You are not putting my animations into any sub-folders in your mods folder My animations, Wicked Whims, Devious Desires and your game are all up to date If that doesn't work then I've no idea what else to tell you sadly.
  11. That's really alarming to hear as I've never encountered any of these issues myself! Especially since most every sim that I've made is in my gallery. Could you point out which sims you've downloaded that caused all of these issues to crop up?
  12. Any breast feeding/milking animations were removed from WW and incorporated into DD.
  13. Yup, I will be working changing the animation up so they milk the sim into a cup instead! I would really have to look into this. I broke all of the milking animations and animations that used objects from Villain Corp and put them in a separate DD package which you have to download. I know that my older milking animations are auto incorporated into DD but there shouldn't be any conflict between them. As for not being able to click on the objects, if the GUID for the object has changed, the animations won't work anymore so that might be the cause of the "No eligible Sim on lot/in range" error. I'll go back and check everything out later.
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