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  1. They tray files, the ones outside of the Mods folder, go into the 'Tray' folder while the files inside of 'Mods' folder goes into your Mods folder. Hope this helps!
  2. Hello! For the gifs, I was using LotusPlum's Benny preset for Reshade!
  3. Hi again! Sorry if my previous answer from before was short! All of my animations are currently free so if you've updated the package file, you'll have all of them. Now, I decided to upload the car required to my SimFileShare since the og uploader culled it from their collection. I swear I updated the links in the Read Me I put in the folder but I might not've which I wouldn't put past myself. My memory isn't the best unfortunately. So without my rambling, make sure you remove any older versions of my animations (i.e. v1.4, v1.3, etc.) and download the car from the link here then s
  4. Hi! I don't think that it would be a good idea to give you my Shaders folder as our Reshade versions might not match and it can be easy to break everything if you're not careful. You can download a fresh version of the shaders(3.4.1) I have over at Picture Amoebae. Hope this helps!
  5. Yep, I normally release animations from the previous month at the end of the current month. There are no new animations for December becasue I was spending time with family for the Holidays. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. Off the top of my head, I think this is the largest variant of Noir & Dark's Futanari cock but I'm not entirely sure. I hope this helps anyway!
  7. This is caused by Wicked Whims pubic hair system. You can remove it in the Wicked Whims pie menu!
  8. It's linked in the required objects file in the readme folder orr, you can go to my site for links to the required objects!
  9. Gift Animations are the ones I've made for Monthly Gifts. The Request Set is just my regular release animations. The [Request Set] is there to let people know that they contain animations that a Patron requested me to make.
  10. Oh, I've actually switch to Sopor's Allure breasts! Sorry for the confusion!
  11. I couldn't give you a specific sim but I recommend that you go to Lana's tumblr and browse through her piercing tag!
  12. There is a chance once I'm not as busy with requests or I can squeeze it in during one of my late night sessions!
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