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Martial Milk (ALPHA)


Into the barrow we go. Hopefully we can get through here before- 


Oh, awesome...


You look down at your chest where you can feel the cloth under your armor dampen from yet more lactation. You sigh and motion to your companion to stop as you unclip your cuirass and pull the cloth tunic to expose your nipple


I can't believe this is my life now. Curse these stupid, fat, clumsy, milk-slobbering, mutant tits! It's getting exhausting to walk anymore, much less run. Maybe this is a mistake... Gods, they're so heavy. This fucking... whatever it is has ruined me. I can't be the Dragonborn like this. I can't save Skyrim...


You close your eyes and sigh deeply...


We're in the first chamber, and I already have to milk these things! If only they could do something useful! 


Your body tenses in anger as you slam the butt of your fist against the wall.


"FUUUU-Ahhhh-h-h! Hnnngh!" you call out in a mixture of pleasure and surprise. As your eyes snap open you milk trailed out on the ground in front of you.


"Whoa!" your companion exclaims, looking from the ground up to meet your bewildered expression, "Did your boob just shoot milk? That was a full-on stream of it."


You meet his gaze for a moment, then close your eyes again as anger, relief, and excitement fill your mind. You palm a large portion of your breast and squeeze as you tense your body again.


Oh-h-h-h-h, gods!... Ohhh, that feels nice.


You bite your lip and shivers go through you as yet more pressure is released from your swollen gland. This time your companion has to raise his shield as the stream fires at him.


"Careful!" He looks at the splatter covering his shield, "Oh shit! That took out a chunk of wood!..."


The weight and pressure in your breast is lessened- still tremendous but any amount is progress.


You see him gingerly lick small droplets from around his lips, then close his eyes as he savors it, "Mmh... But the gods be damned if that isn't delicious..." He looks back at you, his eyes first meeting yours, darting briefly to your dripping nipple, then quickly down at nothing in particular. It seems as though he wants to say something more but quickly changes the subject back to the task at hand, "You think you're able to continue?"


You nod, then there's a moment of stillness before you doff your cuirass completely and pull your tunic down further, exposing your other nipple.


"It's time for these fuckers to pull their weight."


A mod about weaponized lactation.


Version 0.1.2 Features (soonish)

  • More MCM options- handle nipple casting on the fly, acquire the skills with maid level, display milk differently
  • NPC martial milkers- both allies and enemies
  • An immersive quest line with new locations and NPCs (definitely no VO for this version, but I'd like to get that going at some point)
  • Improved decals- can paint NPCs, better variation and coverage
  • Fix several issues- mod should no longer suddenly limit your total milk, decal splash shows milk instead of blood
  • Behind the scenes- handle nipple casting, cow effects, and amputation on individual NPCs


Version 0.1.1 Features

  • New skills to put those milk-laden mammaries to good use!
  • Each Martial Milk skill uses a bit of milk and stamina to either blast your enemies with high pressure milk or nourish your allies with a shower of delicious cream!
  • There's even a skill to suck milk from your boob to restore your own health and stamina!
  • A milk meter to easily track your milk gains and expenditures!
  • Using the new skills counts as milking (at a reduced rate), and the skills cost less milk and stamina as your maid level increases!
  • MCM to toggle mod, customize the milk meter, and track MaMi stats, like total milk launched!


Unfinished Features

- clean install/uninstall- I want to handle various player states better/at all so that weird things don't happen.


Future Possibilities

- Quests to contextualize and introduce the Martial Milk skills

- a line of flavorful/humorous books about martial milking
- More types of skills
    - drench foes with milk to calm them and cause boobgasms in females (possibly turn them into maids if that doesn't break stuff- probably would)



All martial milking skills cost milk, and most cost stamina.


Offensive Streams

  • Nipple Spritz
    • 8 damage per second
  • Milk Jet
    • 16 damage per second
  • Cream Beam
    • 32 damage per second
  • Lactose Lance
    • 64 damage per second


Healing Spray

  • Nipple Drizzle
    • Restore 10 health and stamina per second to targets in front of you
  • Milk Shower
    • Restore 20 health and stamina per second to targets in front of you
  • Cream Drench
    • Restore 40 health and stamina per second to targets in front of you
  • Colostrum Surge
    • Restore 80 health and stamina per second to targets in front of you



  • Treat Yourself
    • Restore 10 health and stamina to yourself per second



Highly Recommend
These mods aren't required, but Martial Milk is designed to be played with them.

  • XPMSE or Magic Nipple is required to cast from your nipples (for XPMSE, enable in MCM).
  • Magic Nipple (and possibly FNIS PCEA 2) adds custom animations for the nipple casting (will cast fine without these, but the aesthetic option is there 😀).
    • If you don't want all characters to use the nipple casting animations, you can put the anims in a folder for FNIS PCEA (Player Character Exclusive Animations).
  • Being a Cow goes well with the the whole milk shooting thing.



1. Simply install the mod with your mod manager or by dropping the contents into Skyrim's Data folder.
2. Enable MartialMilk.esp
3. Start the game, wait for the MCM to register, then enable the mod through there.

4. Currently you can only acquire the skillbooks via the console or AddItemMenu (search for "Martial")


NOTE: It may do weird things if you are not yet a milk maid- I am still looking for the issues around that but will support that player state better in the future.



WARNING: Uninstalling the mod is currently not a clean process. I'm still working on making enable/disable properly install/clean up the mod.

1. Disable the mod through the MCM, then save your game.
2. Disable the mod in your mod manager or remove the mod files from the Data folder.




- scripts

- mixed SFX

- CK shenanigans

- altered textures

- modified particle animations

Magic Nipple

- Fluid gradient


SkyUI, Sexlab Defeat, MME, Spells Cost Stamina Too

- Reference Scripts

SexLab, SoundSnap.com

- Audio resources



- Texture and Mesh resources

Special Thanks

Ed86 for script guidance and for making Milk Mod Economy
skyrimfet for making Being a Cow
LoversLab for hosting all this wild stuff

Bethesda for making such a mod-able game





If you enjoy my content, consider becoming a patron so I can continue making experiences about transformation, philosophy, and furries!



If I've forgotten any details or credits, let me know! I will add the info ASAP. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 0.1.1


The particle animations still had the fluid texture references from Magic Nipple. I updated them to use the fluid texture inside the mod. 😅

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