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About This File

Warning: Disguising, sexist, humiliation and violent content.


 Firstly, sorry for my English - it's not my native language. The mod adds NPCs and events, making female PC life in Skyrim more ungrateful and humiliating, inspired by Oblivion's Lovers mods. And a little bit of content for a dominant male PC.
 If you want to play female quests for male: Go in the Riverwood Trader, type “tcl” in console, go through the wall behind the counter and take the “Troubles of Hero” item from the chest. Or you can use console commands or AddItemMenu mod, but in that case you can drop it. Dialogues will still be for women.
 If you want to remove the default bow from followers (including vanilla and from others mods), then download followerswithouthbow file.


The approximate number of words in dialogues of the mod in the current update: 153 000.

Dragonborn DLC add-on:

This add-on changes vanilla quests!

  • The Chief of Thirsk Hall quest: Add new option to last stage of quest. Speak to Chief and Stableriek for small tasks. (Mounted Riekling, Bristleback, riekling and human gangbang animations)
  • Find way to defer payment of debt in A New Debt quest;
  • Outcast from Skaal follower (submissive Nord) on the East from Skaal Village;
  • Horny Cultist at Sun Stone;
  • Prisoners in Bulwark prison;
  • At the end of some Black Books you can meet Archivist, who gives you some spells to summon Seeker, Lurker and dremoras for sex;
  • Reaver’s Argonian slave in Bloodskal Barrow. Later you can find her in The Retching Netch;
  • Show gratitude to miners in Kolbjorn Barrow. After you give Ralis 2000 gold you can convince a miner in the The Retching Netch to work;
  • Thrall-maid in Tel Mithryn.

Dawnguard DLC add-on:

  • Add dialogues to Serana. You can feed her with your blood;
  • Sexist Vampires: Garan Marethi gives you some tasks. Add new cattle in the castle. Add new room in Castle Volkihar with creator of gargoyles (different gargoyle’s animations). Vampire’s Seduction spell now really seduces;
  • Sexist Dawnguard: Speak to Gunmar for armored trolls mating season quest. Speak to Florentius Baenius to become dawnwhore. Speak to Sorine Jurard for small fetch quest. Speak to Isran for feeding practice dummies vampires. Speak to Isran or Serana after finishing plot to cleanse her sins. This will block the mod’s romantic options with her;
  • At the exit of the cave that leads to fort Dawnguard you can save a vampire. Depending on your action, after 1 game hour the vampire appears in castle Volkihar or Bosmer appears in fort Dawnguard;
  • After you accept Harkon’s gift a bold vampire would meet you at the end of castle’s bridge (Or use code setstage AAAPawn 10). You can complete a couple of tasks for him. After you give him Vampire Lord form he can transform to it and back. (Vampire Lord’s animations). Once you complete the Dawnguard’s storyline you can give to the vampire Serana with Valerica. He will move to Valerica’s laboratory (with portal to Soul Cairn).


Simple list of content and its location:


Artano (Dominant Altmer) - Thalmor Headquarters, Solitude;
Bad Bitch (Submissive female Nord pet)  - Greywater Grotto;
Bruiser (Dominant male/female orc) - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood;
Martin Carvain (Submissive/Dominant Imperial) - Southfringe Sanctum;
Charity (Dominant beggar) – near Winking Skeever inn in Solitude;

Connecting Races (Dominant Argonians) - Windhelm Docks
Crime and Punishment (Change sex) - Haelga's Bunkhouse, Riften;
Dog's Faithful Friend (Bestiality) - Dead Man's Drink, Falkreath;
Doppelganger(Submissive or Dominant your race) - Winking Skeever, Solitude;
Dragonwhore (Submissive whore) - The Ragged Flagon, Riften;
Edippa (Lusty stepmother) - Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead;
False and Real Heroes (Submissive female Nord) - Balgruuf the Greater in Dragonreach, Whiterun;
Falsk Venn (Dominant male Nord) - Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead;
Forsworn Cock Worshiper - Druadach Redoubt;
Frigid Argonian Mistress (Dominant female Argonian) - New Gnisis Cornerclub, Windhelm;
Garona the Insatiable (Dominant female orc)- the Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm;
Ghost Concubine (Submissive female ghost) - Yngvild;
Ingmar the Cruel Fire (Dominant stepfather) - Winterhold;

I want more! - Winking Skeever, Solitude;

Moral Character – Lydia;
Morveux (Dominant Breton) - Treasury House, Markarth;
Nurse Duty (Dominant elder and his sons) - Frozen Hearth, Winterhold;
Price of Fame (Mikael’s pornfiction) - Alvor or Ogrnar in Riverwood or Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum;
Prisoners – all prisons;
Real and False Heroes (Dominant male Nord) - Balgruuf the Greater in Dragonreach, Whiterun;
Right of the First Night (NTR) - Balgruuf the Greater in Dragonreach, Whiterun;
Robbers - near Riverwood’s bridge/road, east of Markarth;

Rumors – Innkeepers;
Sebastien (Dominant elder) - Lost Prospect Mine;
Service to Art - Bards College, Solitude;
Sexist Bards - Viarmo in Bards College, Solitude; 
Sexist College - College of Winterhold;
Sexist Companions - Jorrvaskr, Whiterun;
Sexist Thieves - The Ragged Flagon;
Sexist Greybeards - High Hrothgar;

Sexist Stormcloaks - Palace of the Kings, Windhelm;
Spouse's Old Friend (NTR) - Your spouse;
Stolen Dignity (Blackmail) - Lake on North from Eldergleam Sanctuary;
Slaves - Swindler's Den, Lost Knife Cave, Gloombound Mine, Frostmere Crypt, Thalmor Headquarters, Black-Briar Manor, Pinewatch, Embershard Mine, Clagslane cavern, Bilegulch Mine, Half-Moon Mill, Bloodlet Throne, Movarth's Lair, Haemar's Shame, Broken Fang Cave, Cronvangr Cave, Pinemoon Cave, Misty Grove, Sovngarde, Whiterun, Windhelm, Windhelm Barracks, Falkreath Jarl's Longhouse, Markarth, Bleak Falls Barrow->Redoran's Retreat->Darkshade->Shimmermist Cave->Guldun Rock
Strange Mannequin - Proudspire Manor, Solitude;
Surrexsa Monphyt
um, monstrologist - In Sleeping Tree Camp;
Tapasvee (Submissive female Khajiit) - Pelagia Farm;
Troubles of Heroine (Blackmail) -
Pirve near Honningbrew Meadery;
Xsaroth (Dominant male daedra) - Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon;
Whistling Mine;
Your Fan (Dominant male Wood Elf) - Bannered Mare, Whiterun;

Your True Fan – Riften.


More details:

  • Main quest of Troubles of Heroine: Speak with Pirve near Honningbrew Meadery and wait 1 day. You will be blackmailed to create a guild of humiliations.
  1. Serpent: Guild of Humiliations, Hire: Brute (Bruiser will agree at 50 or less dignity), Hire: Inventor, Hire: Whore-Teacher, Skeever Queen (1-4 skeever’s animations), New Holes (Prepare your body for piercing), Slave Birthday Party (Celebrate your rebirth as slave), Tour of Fun (Publicly disgrace yourself in the all big cities), New Relationship (Marry a bandit and cheat on him. Dog’s animation), Honest Work (work as ship’s pet. Hare animations), New Rank Party (Celebrate your new rank in guild), Good Memories (Even more infamy), Civil Whore (If you haven't given the Jagged Crown to General Tullius yet, then Serpent sends you with his letter to Ulfric. After that you will start female instructor quest and any Stormcloaks will be harassing and undress PC until end of war for Stormcloaks. Small quest to Hermir Strong-Heart and new lines to Ralof);
  2. Catherine: Model Show (Cate demonstrate different outfits and seductions on you), Spermporter (Bring sperm in your mouth), Oldest Profession (Meet the ancient ghost), Wrong Bruiser (Something happened to Bruiser! Stop smiling, you need to fix it!), Trees and Fruits (Epic Saga about Catherine's mother). Small repetable quests: Whoring: Harem, Thalmor, Sanguine, Sellout;
  3. Bruiser: Critical Hit (How hard he/she can hit you?), Whorerider (Light ponyplay);
  4. Grym: Draft Animal (Drag heavy boulders from place to place. An overseer will help you with this. Try to put stones in more than one place), Smuggler Bag (Take part in smuggling), Diseases Collector (When you get sick, show this disease to Grym), Quick Meal (Open a dubious establishment in Whiterun);
  5. Lars: The Taming of the Obstinate One (Rat has a willpower that decreases from sex and Bruiser's beating. There are two options for completing the quest: submission and domination), Alchemy! (Explore sensitive areas of a female body), Envy Causer (Help to make justice), Slave-Slave Trader (Find him a good slavery organization);
  6. Visitors in Forgotten Regret: They will appear at random times after certain quests. Curious onlooker, Gallant Hero, Thalmor Scum and the husband with the wife;
  7. Endings:
  • Good: Breaking Chains: Speak to Spermthief; What Rasul will accept as payment:

Salty Empress;
Soul Potato;
Elder Scroll (Whore);
Ysgramor's Soup Spoon;
Sex with werewolf.

  • Bad: Eternal Servitude: Choose pleading responses. If you want to see it, use code setstage AAATOHEndingBad 100. Don't forget to load the previous save or story would be broken;
  • Submissive:  Not ready yet;
  • Betray: Not ready yet.
  • Real Dragonborn follower (dominant male Nord) - After you return from Greybeards speak to Jarl Balgruuf. You can agree to transfer your title of Dragonborn to a man and to expose yourself as an impostor and accept the punishment for it: speak to any NPCs for humiliations, beating and deterioration of relationship. You can temporarily return it by sex.
  1. Redistribution of Glory (Mission about rescuing a farmer daughter);
  2. Some Cultists (Blah blah blah, some cultists); 
  • Female False Dragonborn follower (submissive female Nord) - reverse Real Dragonborn follower. Speak to Bargruuf to start. You can feed her from Slop Barrel in Dragonreach’s kitchen or Whore’s Cocktail.
  • Sexist Companions: To protect the reputation of the organization, female Companions pretend to be war whores.
  1. Beauty and the Beast (Help a werewolf to transform back to human. Werewolf’s animations);
  2. Beauties and the Beast (2 Werewolves’ animations);
  3. Escort Duty (Take a guided tour for a benefactor and prove that war whores do not fight);
  4. Learning Responsibility (Take the responsibility for Farkas’s failed mission on yourself and after punishment complete this mission);
  5. Wereslut (Make sure the canine fetishist keeps a secret about the circle. Female werewolf animations);
  • Sexist College: To become a full member of College of Winterhold you need to go through the initiation ritual. Speak to Mirabelle Ervine to start (Atronach’s animations); Convince female members of the guild to join J'zargo’s harem; Discuss the use of magic in sex with Brelyna (Magic dildo animations ); Help Onmund get ready for a magic history test by taking off some of the clothes for the correct answers; Play along with Drevis Neloren in learning mind control spells; Help a mad mage in Midden research racial phylogeny and necromancy.
  • Sexist Thieves: They want sex too.
  1. Training Dummy (As a newbie PC will become a training dummy for the rest of the thieves. Speak to Vex to start);
  2. The Utmost Heist (Talk to Hornigort in the Ragged Flagon to start first stage of the heist).
  • Sexist Stormcloaks: They have special treatment for women and non-Nords. Starts after your oath or use setstage AAASexistStormcloaks 10 code. After each hold capture, female instructor will have new tasks for you; A racist drunkard in Candlehearth Hall; New options in Rolff Stone-Fist/Angrenor/Suvaris scene in Windhelm: protect, join or replace her. Then speak to Suvaris; Two Nords and one Dunmer in prison’s cell;
  • Sexist Legion - Each Legion adapts to local customs and if you have this mod installed, then you know perfectly well what it means. New quests for each conquered hold: Service to Propaganda, Recruitment of New Members, Giant Help, Pushing Paper, Vae Victis.
  • Sexist Greybeards: Ask Arngeir about the opportunity to improve your shouts; Speak to Paarthurnax;
  • Sexist Bards: Become a bard through a bed. After you bring King Olaf's Verse in College, speak to Viarmo and then to other teachers; Elisif the Fair will require your presence in her room during her sleep hours; Help Ataf to write bed scene;
  • Bruiser follower (Dominant male or female Orc) – dirty, sadistic and sexist orc in the Sleeping Giant Inn. After paying his/her debt you can make him/her follower. At the first conversation he/she will add to you dignity system: the less your dignity - the more options. And he/she has a rich fantasy of bullying you. Have interactions with Garona and Real Dragonborn;
  • Noble spoiled follower (Dominant male or female Breton) waits you in Treasury House, Markarth. Morveux can orders you to sell your body until you collect 1000 gold. To do this you can craft in forge from silver necklace “Whore’s Sign” (You can do it regardless of Morveux quest) and ask NPC to buy you service (Don’t expect to earn more money, you can even lose it). 
  1. Underground Slave Fights (Masters place their bets and slaves fight naked on the arena. Currently, there are two battles: tutorial with Punchcunt and with Hammer. Lyusian will train you by undressing in bandit’s dens. Morveux can teleport you from the arena to Warrens and back.)
  • Tapasvee follower (Submissive female Khajiit or Nord) - the wandering ascetic monk from Elsweyr, that currently working on Pelagia Farm, near Whiterun. She may die at your hand and you can create the armors from her and enchant pants yourself, for example, with her soul, so she always can be with you. You can be nice to her or mean, and receive fear or love tokens, which opens new dialogues. On 3 fear or love she will give you Southern Guest (You can find monk from her Order at Roadside Ruins. Do not be afraid of his size, this is not a bug – He is pahmar-raht, so everything are lorefriendly . Depending on this encounter you can earn a lot of love or fear). On 10 fear or love you can ask her to become her apprentice - she will give you a small quest Path of Humility to help a farmer and Patience Training. At 20 fears you can sell her to Belethor in Whiterun. 
  • Thalmor follower (Dominant male of female Altmer) in Thalmor Headquarters, Solitude. He/she will test torture spells on you, force you to serve any Thalmor representative, react if you wear amulet of Talos and give you a few quests.
  1. Garona the Insatiable follower (Dominant nymphomaniac female Orc) in the Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm. She is not malicious, but a little dense and forgets what others feel too. She also appreciates a good book (with sexual content):

    • Lusty Argonian Maid 1,2;
    • Opusculus Lamae Bal;
    • Thief of virtue;
    • Wraith's Wedding Dowry;
    • Boethiah's Pillow Book - Revyn Sadri in the Sadri's Used Wares, Windhelm;
    • Desk Book of Beginner Torturer - Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum, Winterhold; 
    • The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 14 - New Gnisis Cornerclub;
    • The Real Barenziah, Part III (Uncensored) - Khajiit caravans;
    • Dragonborn: Under Armor – Price of Fame;
    • Dragonborn 2: Naked and Exposed – Price of Fame;
    • False Dragonborn –Real and False Heroes;
    • Monstratorium XX: Falmers - Sleeping Tree Camp cave;
    • Art of Love and Swordplay by Fjokki the Bard - Bards College
    • The Lusty Dragonborn books;
    • Lady-Knight Repentance – Arcanaeum, Winterhold;
    • Secretute - Trees and Fruits;

    Take Garona’s list and talk about it with her. Now you can offer her to NPCs, find a stableman who agrees to give her a horse, speak to Rocco in the Bards College for troll.

  • Bad Bitch follower (Submissive female Nord) in the end of Greywater Grotto cave. She can’t speak and always in sneak (I recommend installing the mod “Crawl on fours animation”). You can treat her good and bad.
  1. Good Bitch:To cure Bad Bitch - bring her to Danica Pure-Spring in Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Then talk to non-aggressive Forsworn or hagravens. Easiest way to talk Shoeshiner in Markarth. Or just go straight to Elvira’s Shack. All ingriedients you can find right in the shack. Once cured, Bad Bitch will not tell much yet, but reacts on you depending on fear and humanity tokens (more or less than 5).
  • Martin Carvain (Domisub? noble male Imperial) in the Southfringe Sanctum, near Helgen.  You can boost confidence of Martin Carvain by force him dominate you. He has corruption level;
  • Taming the Lioness: Help Aerin to seduce Mjoll. The quest has many ways to be completed. Also contains a mini-quest about female gang in the Ratway. You can defeat them or “defeat” and send to a jail or to the Honeyside;
  • Spouse's Old Friend: Add 4 dialog options to your spouse: female/male bully, female/male lover, you choose one. Any combinations are possible: female PC/husband/female bully, male PC/wife/male lover, etc. Bully: You can get rid of him/her forever, offer your body to safe spouse, flirt and betray your spouse. Lover: just one option – bring Rurpta to your home. You can summon with console Nord bullies: Olaf or Olfina Wintereye;
  • Right of the First Night: After marriage you can ask Jarl Bargruuf to register marriage and he will demand right of the first night. You can refuse it with strength, beg to not involve your spouse into this and sleep only with you, or he will appear in the Breezehome and sleep with you on your spouse’s eyes and, if you say that married on wife, he will not spare her too. If you play for male, then he is sleep only with you wife. Talk to Bargruuf or spouse to progress quest;
  • Prisoner Rehabilitation Program - Become a warden of a special prison to put prisoners on the right path create own harem of cocky brutes. Talk to Falkreath Jarl;
  • Malicious Accomplice - After Sinding (from Ill Met by Moonlight) escapes, talk to any Falkreath guard to "help the investigation";
  • In the Frozen Hearth tavern, Winterhold, Liten Gammel will offer you to become a nurse to his old father. His home is far east out of town. After harassments of the old man, talk to his other son, who lives in same house. Then new care options open up and you can sleep with the sons.
  • Ingmar the Cruel Fire follower (Dominant male Nord) near the Frozen Hearth tavern, Winterhold. He will offer to adopt female PC and his parenting methods fit this mod;
  • Edippa follower (Lusty milf) in the Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead; 
  • "Mage"- Destroy the wizard's career in the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold;
  • Easy Money - Put money on bets in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun;
  • At Blue Palace in Solitude a girl entertains herself by ripping off your clothes. You can teach her that it is not good to do this or beg her not to do it;
  • Ysolda's Goods: Once you bring her mammoth tusk (or use setstage AAAYsoldasGoods 10 code), you can find out more about her deal with the Khajiit at her home;
  • Xsaroth - male Dremora follower in the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Don’t accidently kill him! He seek mortal to conquer and dominate.
  • Your doppelganger follower (Any race and gender) in the Winking Skeever, Solitude. It has fun by destroying your reputation. You can enslave it or be enslaved by it. As slave you must wear a sack on the head to talk with doppelganger.
  • Your fan (Dominant male Bosmer) in the Bannered Mare tavern, Whiterun. After you talk to him, he will begin to chase you from a distance. His requests will be increasingly bold. To stop the stalking - threaten to kill him (then you can apologize and he will stalk you again).
  • Your fan girl in Riften. She wants to be a heroine like you. She will be affected by Spermporter and Real and False Heroes quests.
  • Falsk Venn follower (Dominant male Nord) in the Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead. He introduces himself as your childhood friend (you can deny it).  You can play with him in rock-paper-scissors for a wish. Initially courteous, soon he will show his abusive nature.
  • Price of Fame: After you return from Greybeards speak to Alvor or Ogrnar in Riverwood or Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum to find out porn fanfiction about Dragonborn and Mikael by Mikael. You can confront him in The Bannered Mare, Whiterun;
  • Fattig (Nasty beggar) near The Winking Skeever, Solitude. If you have the keys to your house in Solitude, then you can settle him there and complete his small tasks. Pledged Whore, Tamed Heroine and Buying Love;
  • Service to Art: Help the famous artist Rocco Pappone in Bards College create his Opus Magnum;
  • Service to Grotesque: Speak to Rocco Pappone after Service to Art and New Holes;
  • Dogs Days: In the Lost Prospect Mine you will be mistaken for his dog by a blind hunter (dog’s animations). To stop this madness – find Belle near Morrowind gates.
  • I want more!: In The Winking Skeever, Solitude from 24 to 7 hours you can meet mysterious stranger in mask. You can spend time with her and find out who she is;
  • Reigniting Dragonfires: If you killed your first dragon, destroyed the dark brotherhood and gave the oath to the Empire, General Tullius will give you a letter from the Emperor himself! He wants to discuss something with you in private;
  • Fall into Briars: After you've destroyed Dark Brotherhood – speak to Riften guard or directly with Maven Black-Briar. She will give you small tasks. You can “serve” to every member of Black-Briar, but Maven agrees only in the jarl's chambers or in her mansion (Setstage AAAFallintoBriars 10);
  • Sudden Brothel - Made a small brothel from the Vlindrel Hall, voluntarily or not. Talk to innkeeper in Silver-Blood Inn to start;
  • Special Drink - Talk to Hadring from Nightgate Inn to get raped by him and some frequenter;
  • The Plains District - cuck Nazeem;
  • Dog's Faithful Friend: In the Dead Man's Drink, Falkreath you can buy dog Scratcher and spell to understand him from Listig Selger. You can offer Bad Bitch to him;
  • Tokens of Temperament: At bandit’s camp at South-East from Riverwood you can find a merchant who sells Tokens of Temperament. If you put a token in someone's inventory – this will change wearer’s personality. There are 3 type of tokens: submissive, dominant and lustful and also interaction with Bruiser, Garona, Fattig and khajiit Tapasvee;
  • Apologize to Argonians at the Windhelm’s docks in few small quests. Better apologize being a Nord or a Dunmer, but you can do it by any race, even Argonian. At the end of the quest, you can find your replacement - Nord Helga at the entrance to the Temple of Talos and Dunmer Dres in New Gnisis Cornerclub. Speak to Neetrenaza to start;
  • Help Luka to revenge on rapist Korg in Haelga's Bunkhouse, Riften;
  • Speak with Thorgar in the Whistling Mine to pay for warmth;
  • Add prisoners to all prisons; Speak to prison guard to free Whiterun prisoner after you choose to be submissive with him;
  • Robber near Riverwood’s bridge and group of robbers on the road, east of Markarth;
  • Lydia now is taking care of your moral character after one day since you become a thane of Whiterun (if you already meet her, then use code setstage AAAMoralCharacter 10);
  • Our Common Father: New character in the Abandoned House after talking with Molag Bal. She can teach you submission (Setstage AAAOurCommonFather 10);
  • Adventurer in Distress: Her adventures: Bleak Falls Barrow->Redoran's Retreat->Darkshade->Shimmermist Cave->Guldun Rock;
  • Forsworn cock worshiper in the Druadach Redoubt;
  • Simple ghost follower in the Yngvild;
  • Argonian mistress in the New Gnisis Cornerclub, Windhelm;
  • At the Ragged Flagon, Riften you can meet Dragonborn-roleplayer whore and confront her;
  • Depraved monstrologist in Sleeping Tree Camp Cave;
  • Strange Mannequin in Proudspire Manor, Solitude for female entertainment;
  • You can blackmail of bathing girl on the North from Eldergleam Sanctuary;
  • Rumors to innkeepers;
  • A lot of new potions;
  • A lot of new books (Non-quest notes: in Windhelm barracks, in Riften barracks and Black-Briar Manor);
  • A lot of new slaves.



  • Atronachophile - Initialization Ritual;
  • Disgusting Filth - Troubles of Heroine;
  • Horrid Slag - Troubles of Heroine;
  • Draft Animal - Draft Animal;
  • Dragonwhore - Service to Art;
  • Errandcunt - The Taming of the Obstinate One;
  • foul liar - Real and False Heroes;
  • Greedy Slut - Give 100000 gold to Fattig;
  • Hungry Cocksucker - Sexist Companions or Real and False Heroes or Sexist Stormcloaks;
  • Mastigophobia - Critical Hit;
  • One Coin - Pledged Whore;
  • Pissdrinker - Catherine Chauvin;
  • Professional Asslicker - New Rank Party;
  • Ship's Pet - Honest Work;
  • Skeever Queen - Skeever Queen;
  • Stormcunt - Sexist Stormcloaks;
  • Werewhore – Wereslut;
  • Spit Catcher - Whoring: Sanguine;
  • Stinky - Underground Slave Fights;
  • Branded Thing - Slave-Slave Trader;
  • Riding Whore - Whorerider;
  • Full Cumbucket - Vae Victis.

KS Hairdos for Troubles of Heroine

Strange mannequin's penis:

MxR review:




Possible problems:

  • No NPC, where he/she should be - Open console and type: help "NPC's name"player.placeatme NPC's id. Or reload different save, find NPC, open console, click on NPC, load your save and type in console: moveto player;
  • PC stuck in animation - press jump button;
  • NPC stuck in battle pose after beating you - open console, click on NPC, write "resurrect", press Enter;
  • NPC beat you to death - have at least 100 healths before a possible punishment;
  • Mod can unequip your slot 32(body), including Devious Devices on that slot;
  • If you using Devious Followers mod, better to dismiss Tapasvee and Rattfadiga Bloodsnow before selling them; Console code to dismiss all followers, just in case: set playerfollowercount to 0;
  • If Bad Bitch walks on two legs – open console, click of her and write code: setforcesneak 1;
  • Marriage is not working properly – disable the mod while marriage or use Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold mod.


Future plans:

  • More dialogs;
  • More quests;
  • More situations;
  • More followers;
  • More filth.



Do what you want with the mod.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


-Slaves: Harlequin - Falkreath Jarl's Longhouse;
-Sudden Brothel - Made a small brothel from the Vlindrel Hall, voluntarily or not. Talk to innkeeper in Silver-Blood Inn to start;
-Special Drink - Talk to Hadring from Nightgate Inn to get raped by him and some frequenter;
-Moral Character 2 - Lydia continue her dearest thane's enslavement;
-The Plains District - cuck Nazeem;
-Prisoner Rehabilitation Program - Become a warden of a special prison to put prisoners on the right path create own harem of cocky brutes;
-Sexist Legion - Each Legion adapts to local customs and if you have this mod installed, then you know perfectly well what it means. New quests for each conquered hold: Service to Propaganda, Recruitment of New Members, Giant Help, Pushing Paper, Vae Victis. Also Civil Whore for the Empire;
-Southern Guest 2 - Monk of the Order still not calm down and requires Tapasvee's attention again;
-Horny Head - horny male Argonian follower in Ravenscar Hollow. Really horny;
-Malicious Accomplice - After Sinding (from Ill Met by Moonlight) escapes, talk to any Falkreath guard to "help the investigation";
-Grym: Quick Meal (Open a dubious establishment in Whiterun);
-Catherine: Trees and Fruits (Epic Saga about Catherine's mother);
-Lars: Envy Causer (Help to make justice) and Slave-Slave Trader(Find him a good slavery organization);
-Bruiser: Whorerider (Light ponyplay);
-"Mage"- Destroy the wizard's career in the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold;
-Easy Money - Put money on bets in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun;

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