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    I know i was silent for a long time about this companion, but i actually have made a lot progress and would love for all to see! Unfortunately though, this companion will not be continued due to all my files somehow being deleted (which means Ive lost all progress) and life has gotten in the way! If anyone wants to use this companion and do something (i have no idea what you could actually do with him) with him, be my guest as long as i am credited for the original creation! Thank you! This is a fully voiced companion for Fallout New Vegas, he can be found at the 188 Trading Post. Please note (Nothing is final) the voice actor and the companion will change in the future. Bugs! Not teleporting to the lucky 38 when told to get lost but walking instead! Not switching to melee when prompted! Inventory wont open sometimes! ...there are probably more bugs, but i haven't even done any testing in a awhile so i wouldn't know!
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