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(Updated 16/4/2024) Sims 3 Breast Physics Animation Replacement 1.0.0

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About This File

So I have not seen anyone releasing breast physics mod yet so I decided to make one. This mod is similar to the "Childbirth Animation" which is an animation replacement.


Also I created this mod because of DOA Xtreme 2 where the physics is questionable but I sort of like it.


Feel free to comment what you want me to edit and I will try to fulfil if I have free time. I cannot do EPs that I do not have though. Right now I currently have World Adventure, Late Night, Seasons, Island Paradise.


I will stop making Manual Made animations and continue making Physics Made animations.


This mod only makes where your YA and A (Tried to do Teens and Elders but there aren't a lot of animations for them) female sims breast moves for the current animations I included but yeah I hope yall enjoy this mod. 
Also go check out Clydie's female walk animation!!

Big thanks to Denton for his "Merge Clip Tool" File. I managed to fix some animations thanks to him!

Denton: For his Merge Clip Tool
Buhudain & Ghost-17 For their rigs
Clydie: For giving more instructions to use the tool on Denton's post

Physic Included List: Includes.txt


Update 7-12-2023: There are a 2 rigs made by Buhudain (I think) & Ghost-17. CREDITS TO THEM FOR THEIR RIGS.
I modified them to have boob physics by following this video.

Use the Link below if you have installation issues. However it only contains the Boob Physics Animation file.
Simsfileshare Downloadhttps://simfileshare.net/filedetails/4382076/

Inside the download button contains 2 stuff.

1. Blender Physics (Which contains the current Physics Made Animations)

3. Sims 3 Blender Rig for anyone who wants to try out (My Version is 2.67)


You can only select 1 folder contents to put into your mods folder. Either "Blender Physics" or "Non-Blender Physic". You cannot have both at the same time.

Optional: Support me!! 


Edited by moltenrock3402
Description update

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Base Game
-House Phone
-Hand Phone


-TattooChair & RealTattooChair
-Some Sim Interaction Animations
-Simbot Creation (Human)


-Singing Career (SingAGram Etc)
-Drink Spitout
-Front Stage
-Genie Animations


Island Paradise
-pool Waterfall
-Some React animations
-Resort Maintenance 
-Most Mermaid Animations
-Some Sim Interaction Animations (E.g. Shaka Brah)
-Houseboat Fishing
-Pool Slide
-Front Desk
-Shark Panic Reaction

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