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  1. I really , really want to thank you all and all folks here all job that you are doing is an amazing job, could try test your new version update, but guess something really weird is almost to crash, maybe new updates from ww or do you still keeping the updates with ww patronage? Nice anymations as aways.
  2. I guess that my work and your work is pretty similar, nice to see something good too. 😀 I'm just a fan not at all. Thanks a lot for shine my life!
  3. I make you crazy,... imake you crazy, just like meeeeeeee 🤨
  4. Yes, or probably some out to date mod you already had installed or something with ww ikd recognition. Yes, something like this. Try to install all the props ( when i say that i say objects and accessories) already recommended in the beginning of the wild_guy's page . Just a little help, i've been trying to play to like more the sims hehehe
  5. Hi, Motherlodesims! Are you going to make Femdom Animations?

    1. Motherlodesims


      Hi Praxidike, yes, i'm doing some right now, do  you have some new ideas for,  besides of ? . I would like to know others, would be a pleasure hear something new ^^ 

    2. Praxidike


      Cool! I will look for some examples for you.

    3. Praxidike
  6. I would love to see more femdom animations. I guess it's a brilhant idea, nice to see more of this ^^ All the power \m/
  7. Yes, sorry for that again, it's the same image.
  8. "Could we get an animation using the actual infant 3d model" ... option to have the mom deliver in a bed and then bring the baby to the basinet. Yes would be very interesting make an interaction (non sexual) inside hospital options, where a female sim is having a baby ( a natural birth), or something like this, anyway, i'm doing my homework to now how it is possible, creating interactions with new props or objects, perhaps ww or colonol nuty would bring it to us more faster, a nice idea who likes play a core game with real life. I would like to see it too ^^
  9. Sorry, maybe we are not already inside the same world, who knows??? 😃
  10. Now i see, i'm taking some notes and doing my homework now, i need to reupgrade all sets for those new sets already uploaded from WW. Mentioned inside WW tutorial locations those new sets need to be reupgraded: HOTTUB SHOWER_TUB SHOWER BATHTUB OPEN_SHOWER CORNER_BATHTUB Even this way, i'll take a look inside wwid objects to see if it doesn't work because of it. Probably it's the only explanation. Sorry for that issue I'll see whats going wrong. Sorry for that. Thanks, whishing the same for everyone, a better new year
  11. Yes, i'll release with other collors too, just an wip at first, now i've been seeing that i need to change the weight maps also, but i believe that we have sme good results from all this. Thanks in advance for asking. Thank you so much, i love do it, i guess it makes me happy doing something not just for me, but fo all those who likes TS4 too :3. Do you mean about those triangle bathtubs? If was, i know what's happening, some issue when we change that set for normal tubs. I hadn't noticed that before, sorry for that, i would try fix the position for common tubs as well, bu
  12. Yes, i know what is happend and i'll fix what probably should be. I designed that in the middle of texture maps, sorry, it was just a testing, lol Updating a new animation pack. Please, fell free to enjoy with
  13. I really would like see more animations with a woman doing something like this 😆😜 https://cdn.sex.com/images/pinporn/2019/05/01/21078234.gif?width=620 https://images2.imgbox.com/17/44/dCZjugYu_o.gif
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