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♥ Orithyia ♥

Miyu Miyu


I'm The Great Miyu Miyu

and these are my adventures

Well this is my first blog entry ,so technically i'm a welp or a BLOG-virgin.

Hope you enjoy my work and also have a look at my other works.








You ready for PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAA !!!! ????














Special thanks to

Daedal the EX penk dolphin  for keeping in touch and not thinking i was dead wen i vanished from LL (ps Gerald distract me from work but still i keeping it)


Also do check out his Blog for very THICC thighs and Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig BOOBIES


Shin ji Kyu aka Mr.K-pop fnatic for helping and shaping character body and life and name. (you still owe me Limbo Prime chassis and Chroma Prime neuroptics)


and Assorted people who checked on me and didn't give up thinking i was dead. 




Q: Miyu Miyu you still give advice on lyf and stuff after disappearing for 2 years?

A: Yes of course yes.2 years has made me more knowledgeable.


Q: Miyu Miyu you were a regular and active member of LL community once upon a time what happened?

A: Mr.Daedal the old Dolphin ruin everything by giving me Gerald the psyduck. I was distracted because i had to do many pokemon battles. Damn you Mr.Daedal the old Dolphin.


Q: ma'am can i ask which enb you are using?

A: NO, Tbh i installed it soo long ago and disappeared from modding that i actually forgot which one i used. "Damn you brain why you make me baka argghghghgh" .


Q: Are you gonna disappear again?

A: he he he he he he he *cries in corner*


Q: What set up are you using?

A: OLD very OLD on boot up it sounds like a Boeing 747 taking off.


Q: Miyu Miyu on your about me you mentioned your next character will be Ariadne Ravenforge where is she?

A: hahahahahahaahah DECEPTION you fell for it hahahahahahaaha.........


TBH i just lost the character coz you know my stupidity ..huhuhuhuh sad lyp R.I.P Ariadne Ravenforge you had lot of potential.


Q: Show me pantsu?

A: Ofcourse child im a women of culture 

class PANTSU
    public static void main(String args[])




Recommended Comments

Welcome home ❤️ Great Miyu  Miyu ❤️ 


I didn't know you, but I missed you anyway. If you want to disappear again, please first notify with a blog post, thanks.


To the most purrrfect woman of culture and no-more-blog-virgin pantsu printer of LL ❤️ 


Kawaii. is. Justice. ❤️ 

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I'd love to have Orithyia without tattoos as my follower for Skyrim Special Edition. Is there somewhere I can download?

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I still think about Orithyia. I haven't get a response from you for more than a month. Is there anything I can do for you in order to get her as a standalone follower for SE without tattoo/warpaint and with a pair of brown human eyes?

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hmm lmao i didnt even know u messaged me , in future u can just DM me directly , as for orthiya as a follower 1) i dont do SE meaning i dont have SE and i havent modded it, the above pic is LE 2) even if i wanted to i dont know how to make a follower ._.

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Oh, lol. Forgive me, I don't know how I can DM you directly. I would use her LE mod. I'll have to study on how to convert her to SE version. She's worth it. Where would I find it? She's so beautiful and looks like a real person I may have seen somewhere. You have a super talent.

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if yu wanna DM me yu can just add me on discord im fairly active there, as per wer yu can find her .....hmmm she's my original creation so yu wont find her anywhere if yu still want i can share her preset with yu for LE

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