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FO4 - Lesbeth Miller a short introduce



Name: Lesbeth Margaret Miller (born as Schultz) - Nickname: The Succubus of Boston

Born: 5th November 2049 in Reading (Pennsylvania)

Height: 1.68m - 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: 54 kg - 119lb

Gender: not definable, but is considered female*

Race: Human - Specification - Nuclear Fallout Mutation 

Hair: Brown - now Black

Eyes: Blue - now purple

Skin: Almond - now dark red

School graduation: at Berks Catholic Highschool Reading - 2067

Career: Training as a retail clerk - completed in 2071 at General Electric

Relationship: Married in 2074 with Sean Miller (deceased) - Solo

Sexual interest: Bi - but she tends more to be lesbian

Hobbies: Cosplay, Fitness sports, Wrestling, social engagements

Dress style: Skimpy and provocating in Black

Favorite Music: Classics and Symphonic Metal


Quotes: "I'm what I am - just the kind and sometimes the naiv person who wants to help." - "Fuck you Sucker, don't touch my fuckin' Tail or I stick it in ya candy Ass!"








*on some days, she have a Penis too, caused by sexual dreams.




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