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A day off

Storms of Superior


Hey, folks.


I am enjoying my new job, but I have tomorrow off. I think I'll use tomorrow night to mess around trying to write scripts for Black Empire for the first time.


If anyone feels like conversation tomorrow night, feel free to start one; I'll have LL open almost the entire time I'm on.


I'm looking forward to the task of scripting for the first time.


Thanks for reading.


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I'm looking for a mod that contains a script that will cause NPCs to favor attacking the player before followers as a means (for my mod) of subduing the player.


The way followers are handled may be just DA style, or maybe Defeat's "Original" will work better;I don't want a blackout event, but to, firstly, subdue the player and cause the mod user to watch helplessly while followers are subdued or tied (depending on how I choose to handle them they will be subdued at the same time as the player, but I may not want things to work that way).


Can anyone point me to a mod that has this kind of script? I remember I used one at some point (it had an MCM toggle to cause enemies to favor targeting the player first), but I can't remember which mod it was.


Thanks, folks.

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