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Create my Character



blog-0201151001415806984.jpgBecause I decided to create (ANOTHER) new character (this time a Lunari) and I can't think of what to do with her I'm relying on you to do the thinking for me (considering I did all the thinking for my other characters I'm allowed to do this :P.)


With that out the way here's what you don't have to decide: her race and her name. I've gotten both of those already (her name is Storm btw.) What I do want input on are the following; class (I've sorted these into the 3 basic RPG classes; fighter, rogue, mage) her preferred type of armour (light, heavy, mage (the various flesh spells)) and her preferred type of weapon (two-handed, one-handed or magic.) Also optionally you can decide which of the 9 divines she worships and the guild she associates with the most if any.


here's the criteria in an easier to understand format:



  • fighter
  • rogue
  • mage

preferred armor

  • heavy
  • light
  • mage (oakflesh, ebonyflesh etc.)

preferred weapon

  • two-handed
  • one-handed
  • magic

Also for magic is she a battlemage? And if so what OTHER type of weapon does she use?


Finally don't suggest specific weapon types (hammers, axes, maces etc.) I'll decide that for myself.


Recommended Comments


Heavy armor (or maybe Light for the faster moves speed)

2H weapon


destruction cloak spells, fury, lightning bolts when at range or gale if you have Phenderix

An agent of chaos

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Forgot to mention that I'm leaving this open for a week (starting yesterday, I'll close it next Wednesday) and your suggestions only affect how she appears in any images I upload not how I actually play her (if I played my characters the way I represent them in images I'd play Cris solely as a sneaky sneaky thief who backstabs all her enemies, but I don't I do have times when I can't be fucked with all that and run in charging.) Also if I can't decide I'll just use all of them (that is an option btw.)

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