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Last Of The Red Hot Lovers!



Although, frankly. I'm not entirely sure this isn't cheating...




Yeah, I'm back in Dimhollow Crypt. Again. The curse of the mod-maker is that you get so many more opportunities to break your game than most people. This time I installed MNC and Creature Framework so I could get screenies for Ulvutukitig at work, and then CF did its usual demolition job on my game with a CTD every other cell change, and I nver did get things stable after that.


This was Ulvutukitig, btw. A familiar spirit that likes to get familiar with your slaves.




Keep him happy and rumour has it he'll repay the favour.


But I digress! Back in Dimhollow Crypt as I say.




I think that's the glow from the torch interacting with the glowing tattoo on her mons. I mean I don't think her mons is really glowing red hot. I certainly hope that's the case, or else my slaver mage is about to get the surprise of his unlife.


Mind, even if you only consider the those of the living in attendance; they don't look much that much cooler:




Predator Vision this time. Either that, or I accidentally enslaved a super-saiyan, which would definitely be too hot to handle. Oh, what is a poor vampire to do?





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