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Chapter Twenty Eight: Reconciliation 



The Story of the Red Witch
Chapter Twenty Eight: Reconciliation 


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Part One


Silas: First she says she won't get mad, then she doesn't utter a single word to me for a week and a half... *sigh* But what can a man...




Silas: ...Do...

Silas took note of the giant Dwemer mecha that stood in front of his current dwelling, and whistled.

Silas: No matter how many times I see this juggernaut...


Silas: I still can't can't believe that Azsanwess made this from spare parts she found down here... If only she wasn't so out there, her genius... .


Silas shook the thought from his mind and all his current troubles, and his mind began to drift back into the past.


Silas: It was around this time last year that we spent that tender moment together. She was still cautious around her, and I... Heh, as arrogant as ever. But I did give her good advice...


Silas: I told her to do what she wanted to do, and well... She pounced and claimed my lips as her own...


.Silas: Thinking back on everything, so much has changed since I was first trailing her. We've gained allies in the Dawnguard, Serana, and others. But most of all...


Silas: The drastic change in Liri's character was... Unexpected. It's as if she's relinquished her 'Red Witch' persona, and I'm able to finally see the real her...


Silas came to a halt as something in the distance caught his attention.

Silas: The Dwemer never cease to amaze...


Silas: This must be the infamous arena Azsanwess told me to stay clear of. *smirk* As if any automation can stand up to me. This might let me get in a quick workout...



Part Two


Wasting little time, Silas cloaked himself in darkness and traversed to the highest vantage point surrounding the arena.


Silas: Using my Vampire Lord abilities outside of the form is really becoming... More of a pain than it needs to be... I've got to do something about this sunlight poisoning soon.


Silas: *stands* Until then however, let's see how I can keep myself entertained while the missus still wants nothing to do with me...


Silas surveyed the area and was let down by what he saw. Falmer and their slaves. Nothing remotely dangerous or worth his time.

Silas: This is what I'm supposed to be afraid of, Azsanwess? I could—


A foul pain began to plague Silas all at once, and a familiar phrase repeated in his head.

Why would the wolf care about the well-being of the hare?


If Tinira has spoken these words when Silas had first captured Liri, he may have agreed. But now, she had become an irreplaceable part of his existence...


But what about Lisaly?

Silas: Shut it! Not now!!

He forced an eye open just in time to see a peculiar looking centurion maliciously harassing a young boy...


Silas didn't know why, but he felt an instinct swell up within him at the sight of that young boy that he hadn't felt in centuries, and rather than think he let the darkness enshroud him...


And at the last moment dispersed it—in order to not frighten the child himself—and sprinted straight towards the hulking centurion.

Silas: You like picking on those weaker than you?


Silas: How about I give you a taste of your own medicine!


The force with which Silas hit the centurion caused a loud clang and heaved the hulking machine off the ground...


Part Three


Upon landing all of the centurion's functions ceased and the arena had, in Silas's opinion, suddenly become all too quiet...


Silas: (That couldn't have been the Dwarven Destroyer that Azsanwess warned me about... Right?) Hey kid? Are you hurt anywhere?


The boy froze in place as if Silas's words had placed him under a spell.


Silas: (Traumatized? A bet a kid like him would—)

Silas heard the familiar scurrying of feet that belonged to the Falmer, and rather than distancing themselves, they were swarming on his location.


Silas: Alright kid, this is gonna hurt a bit.

Silas lifted the boy under his arm like a sack of potatoes and quickly fled from the arena, and didn't stop...



Until he returned back to his current dwelling, where he deposited the boy rather recklessly.


Silas: Azsanwess said that the creatures here don't come near her place. So we should be safe—


Boy: Take me back! I don't want to go with you!


Silas felt a thud near his stomach, and looked down only to see the boy attacking him.


Boy: I-I've seen your kind! You j-just want to eat me! B-but I'm tougher than the other slaves, so don't—


Silas: Whoa whoa there kid. I think you've got a misunderstanding—


Boy: I'm not misunderstanding anything! And my name's not 'kid'! It's Silas Fate-Breaker! And I won't go with you, vampire!



Part Four


Silas was in awe of what he was witnessing. With his fangs, pale skin, and eyes…


Silas: (This… This Silas is the offspring of a vampire and a mortal! But how is such a thing—) .




A fireball soared right for his head, but Silas was narrowly able to react in time to avoid it.


Silas: H-hey, Liri! Seems like you're getting the hang of this constant casting thing—




Liri already readied another spell.


Liri: Save it Silas! So, let me get this straight. I get mad at you, and you go out and pick on some stray kid? How about I give you a dose of your own medicine?




Silas: Liri wait! You AND the kid, you've got it all wrong! He was getting attacked and I saved him! Come on Silas, tell—




Liri fired another fireball, but not only did this one not miss, it also exploded upon impact making Silas sail through the air...




Until he came to a halt on his knees.


Silas: (Shit... And her control of released magicka is getting better too...) *cough* *cough* Silas, please... Just *cough* tell her what I did!


Boy: I-I—




Liri: I think that fireball knocked the sense out of you. Don't worry though; this one ought to fix you right up. And if not, at least I'll be satisfied!




Before she could fire off her next spell, the younger Silas stepped forward completely shielding the older Silas from any further onslaught.




Boy: Please lady! I... I think I may have judged him wrong. Please don't hurt the vampire any more. I'm sorry.




Liri: W-what? Did... did he glamour you? *sigh* Okay little boy, just step out the way and I'll deal with the mean old vampire. Okay?



Part Five


Boy: No I…


Tears began to flow down the boy's cheeks, and Silas could feel the anguish emanating from Liri.


Boy: …I was scared. I thought he was going to kill me… But… Instead he saved me. I'm… I'm so sorry!




The boy ran over and put a death grip on Liri's leg.


Boy: Please don't make me go back! Please don't turn me away, mom!


Liri: …Give me a moment with him, okay Silas?


Silas: *cough* *cough* Sure. .




Silas: (Ten minutes should be enough. Hopefully everyone has a cool head now, because I REALLY don't want to fight with Liri anymore...)


He walked towards Liri and the other Silas... .




And saw that she'd retrieved a short cape to cover her shoulders, but more than that... He saw how perfect and natural Liri seemed to be in dealing with the boy.




Silas felt a quickened thumping in his chest as he got closer to them.


Silas: (By the Divines she really is amazing at everything she does… I wonder if she ever wanted…)


Children? Just like what you and Lisaly had? A relationship between a mortal and a vampire could never—


Silas shook the thought from his head.


Silas: Can I cut in? .



Liri looked up at him with a smile that made everything that had happened since being captured by Tinira seem like a distant nightmare.


Liri: Yeah... I'd like that.




Silas sat next to them, but after doing so immediately felt all of the tension that had been building between him and Liri. It cast a silence between the pair for quite some time...




Until Silas made an attempt at peace.


Silas: You know, you look so… At home, taking care of the kid like that. He was even instantly drawn to you, in light of you hurling two fireballs at—




Liri: Silas! I… *sigh* Why do you put up with me?


Silas: What do you mean?


Liri: I never listen to you, never let you explain a thing, and yet you're so patient with me. You never REALLY get mad…




Liri: I'm… I'm not good for you. This thing… Whatever it is between us, it isn't healthy! Sure you started it off all wrong, but I've been the one continuing all the negativity and hatred… Maybe we—



Part Six


Silas: Should what? Deny these feelings we have towards one another? Look, considering our pasts, I'm surprised we can even tolerate whatever THIS IS. But for me, it's not toxic, in fact...




Silas: It's probably the best thing to happen to me in centuries.


Liri: But why! All I do is fight with you! All I do is vent my anger towards you! Why is that okay? Why are you satisfied with that?




‘Because maybe I feel like it's more than I deserve'. As true as they were, Silas wouldn't dare let those words pass through his lips.


And what of Lisaly?


Silas: (Not this shit again...)




Silas got up before things became too awkward for him.


Silas: (There's so much I need to tell her, but I never can seem to find the right time...) I'll get going, Liri. Make sure to not catch cold. .




Liri: Silas, STOP!


The vampire complied.


Liri: This... Doesn't this sort of remind you of anything?


Silas: What do you mean?


Liri: Don't you remember your own words?




Liri: ‘We think we're fools being led around by our pasts, but we're just lost. We need to take hold, truly take hold, of our lives. Do what WE want to do, not what we feel compelled to do.’




Silas: What I want to do…


Silas embraced Liri from behind and the pair couldn't contain their laughter.


Liri: Why can't I just be more honest with you?


Silas: I wouldn't have it any other way...




Silas: So how about it? Me, you and the kid. How's that sound?


Liri: After everything's over and dealt with? You're proposing something dangerous, vampire.


Silas: ...And your answer? .




Liri: Well don't ask me, ask—!! SILAS!!!


Liri looked down at her lap, but the young male was nowhere to be found. Immediately the pair of them frantically began searching for him.




Liri: SILAS! SIIIIIILAAAASS!!! Silas, any sight of him?


Silas: SIIIIILLLAAAAS!!! Shit, he couldn't have gone far. Why couldn't I sense him? What if something happens to him—


Liri: DON'T SAY THAT!! .



Part Seven


As Silas and Liri worked themselves into a frenzy looking for the boy, a childish giggle came from behind them.


???: So it seems like mom and dad will be fine. I'm glad. .




The two turned towards the giant Dwarven Mecha and saw a smiling young ghost staring back at them.


Ghost: Sorry ma and pa. But I just couldn't let you two be angry with each other any longer. .




Ghost: I felt like with Saturalia coming up, ma and pa might need me, but I'm glad it was only but for a moment. Please don't fight anymore... For everyone's sake...




And with that, the young Silas exited from their lives as suddenly as he had entered... .




Confounding both his 'parents' in the process.


Silas: He said ma... and pa...  But that would mean…


Liri: I'm actually going to let you name my son after you? Nevermind that, we’re going to have children?


Both: That's so surreal...




Silas: So... What now?


Liri: I... I don't know. Now that I'm not mad at you, there's kind of only one thing that I want to do, to be honest. .




Silas: You don't have to tell me twice.


This time it was Silas who took the initiation. He pulled Liri close and covered her mouth with his in a hungry kiss. .




The Volkihars, Volstikars, Tinira, Harkon, Night Unending, her Clan, his affliction, Lisaly... All of these worries melted away as they became more impassioned, focusing solely on one another.




Azsanwess: So that's it, huh? All it took was my most intricate Illusion spell to date, and a massive area of effect calming spell for them to stop with their little quarrel.




The Dwemer retreated at the sight of them.


Azsanwess: Disappointing, but now we can resume whatever this plan of theirs is. But I am curious as to how he so easily handled the Dwarven Destroyer...






A few things about this chapter:


  • To put everything into context this post was initially posted on December 24, 2017 on tumblr. It acted as both a holiday set and the continuation of the Red Witch story.
  • Some of the events that are referenced in this story pertain to a belated new years set I posted on January 3rd, 2016 (This story acted as something of a filler side story that while it contained decent enough content, you didn't need to read it to get a full fulfillment of the Red Witch main story). Images I'm referencing are in the spoiler below. (NOTE: I MIGHT reupload said new years set if anyone is interested in seeing it)





  • This chapter (chapter 28) was not outlined AT ALL prior to taking the screenshots so the story was made up on the spot
    • Be that as it may, I believe it still came out alright, although I DID edit a few things before posting it on LL
  • Also, while this set fulfills the same role as the new years set (in that by all accounts it ought to be a filler side story that drives home the notion that Liri and Silas have all this pent up emotions/frustrations towards one another and concludes with them kissing) which is why it references something that ONLY happened in a filler side story (and low key COMPLETELY throws off the timing of my story, but whatever). HOWEVER, the reason it is part of the main story is because I constructed the chapter so that it actively pushes the story along
  • Chapter 28 accomplishes the above point because
    • in chapter 27 Silas said he could take them somewhere that would act as a safe haven BUT if he did so Liri would be pissed at him. Liri said she wouldn't get mad.
    • At the start of this chapter [chapter 28] they are all now at the safe haven AND Liri has been pissed off at him for a week which has all but halted any forward progress towards stopping Tinira and Harkon
    • By the end of this chapter Liri is no longer pissed at Silas and now progress towards the main plot can be achieved AND this chapter's events have a slight [read: major] impact on the story going forward. How so? Find out next week in the next chapter of TSotRW!



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Your screenshots are absolutely perfect. The way the DOF and the glow effects of the dwemer robot interact is stunning.  

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Interesting chapter, with the illusion twist and Silas & Liri finally admitting their feelings being the best parts of it.


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