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Lusty Maid Fallout 4



The Wanderer arrived into a place called Goodneighbor and hoped to get some rest and buying some supplies, then she was aborded from a guy called Finn offering insurance, the Wanderer obviously refused, then she felt a strike from behind leaving her unconscious and all her belongings were stolen, leaving only the outfit she's wearing(weared pieces of armor were also stolen), now she felt stuck in that place with nothing to protect herself in the wastes and no money to buy anything.

She decided to wonder around seeing if there something or someone that might help her, she asked for help to drifters that they respond her to bugger off, others said to themselves: "wheres Hancock when we need him to deal with this outsider? probably went to the Capital wasteland getting that Ultrajet he loves...", the shopkeepers refused to deal with the outsider until the approval of their Mayor(can't barter) except a shady guy that is willing to sell a pipe pistol for 500 caps, expensive only to outsiders, until someone said: "if you need caps you should go at the Hotel Rexford, I heard they are recruiting a maid to clean the rooms, maybe you should ask them."


The Wanderer finally found a way to earn some money, she went straight to the Hotel and talked with the receptionist Clair, telling her that she came for a job, Clair said: "For the Job? Really? But you're an outsider, I don't know if is a good idea, but okay, not my problem, go ahead, go talk to my boss Marowski, he will give you the contract."


The Wanderer went to Marowski's office, he tried to expell her until she got his attention that she's there for the job, Marowski suprised said:" Are you? Well... You're pretty and all... OK here's the contract just sign it, and I will give you the Maid outfit then you can start work right away."


The Wanderer read the contract that the daily payment is 10 caps, food will not be included and neither a place to sleep, surely not a good idea sleeping in the street to be robbed again. She asked why not give her a place to stay and food? Marowski said:" my establisment as you can see don't get to much clients, a room cost 10 caps, the cheapest food is like a corn costing around 3 or 4 and working for me will be like paying you around 24 caps and that's make me lose a lot of money a this point, hell... Paying 10 per day is already a lot but we need someone to clean the rooms since we had to fire our only worker for refusing  to clean, but tell you want I can give you a room for 10 caps but you have to work without payment and have a place to stay." The Wanderer said that she desperately need money and ask if there a way to reach into an agreement.

Marowski said while rewriting the contract:" I guess we can make something out of it, there, you pay 9 caps for room, food you can get in the Hotel sewers, you can kill the vermin living there and help yourself, that covers everything you get: a place to stay, food and a cap, and you can't refuse what we and the clients ask you do to, there's some occasional special jobs that we pay you extra caps, and the period of time will be 1 month and can be renovated.

The wanderer desperate, agreed the terms of the contract and receive the maid outfit, the outfit looks like it cames from a manga book, but it was all ragged showing to much the chest,the skirt is short and didn't have any underwear, has the sock-nets but no shoes, her previous outfit has been locket in a container and can't have access until the end of the contract, the wanderer started cleaning the rooms, catching empty bottles, sweeping used syringes, condoms and dust, catched some ragged cloth soaked in blood, washing the beds full of stains of semen and other unkwoned fluids, just going barefooted there, made the Wanderer felling uneasy.

Finally, finished to clean the rooms and in the end of the day she received a cap, but she started felling hungry she didn't ate anything that day yet, she went to the sewers seeing if she is really willing to catch a disgusting creature and eat it, the sewers were dark and have a foul smell , probably eveybody in Goodneighbor leaves their dump down there, just seeing the radroaches eating the dung, she almost lost the appetite, but knew that soon hunger will become unbearable and she must eat, she removed all her clothes so that they don't get dirty for the next day of the job.
The Wanderer went naked deeper in the sewers, stepping on dung barefooted carefully not to slip, when she tried to catch the radroach she slipped and feel on the floor getting herself all dirty, annoyed she didn't care getting even more dirtier and used all her body to catch that little bugger; She finally caught him and punch him to the death, and started ripping off the meat with her teeth and started eating right there and every bite released a lot of green fluid from the raw meat.


But then she started crying how humiliating was, how she fell so deep, just to find herself covered in shit, eating a radroach like a starving rabid dog, she felt completely miserable and humiliated; She sitted next the sewer's exit crying a lot, and wondering why all this happened, why her, she stayed there a while, then she got up and took a bath from a loosed pipe, dropping what looks more like piss than water, she washed herself removing all the brown matter from her body, but the smell is still stuck in her body.

She dressed herself and got out from the sewer and went to her room where she undress again and fell on the bed, the smell of her body doesn't bother much since the rooms smell kinda the same.

She started another day, since she cleaned the rooms yesterday she went cleaning the basement and the bathrooms, after finishing her chores, she went talking with Clair, chatting about how the Hotel used to be great, but not anymore; Until Marowski called her for an special assignment, He told her that they contact him if he has a spared worker for the "The Third Rail" bar and that they offered a modest sum but enough to be acceptable, and she has to go there giving her services.

The Wanderer went straight to the bar until she has been stopped by the Bouncer called Ham, he told her not to go with the outfit of a different establishment and on her right there a room with the outfit and to go changing herself.

She went changing from Maid outfit to Waitress outfit: the outfit was nothing more than just a skirt showing off completely her ass, surely to attrack a lot of male clients. The bouncer let her through and she went talking with Whitechapel Charlie, and he said:" ah, Finally you arrived, lets cut to the chase, you will serve booze for my clients, come speak to me everytime to instruct you which table will be served, and the tips they might gave you are mine, my establishment, my rules, and don't even try to trick or lie to me, I got one eye always staring at you and counting every cap, the client can touch you and request you how the drinks will be served, but no sex, this isn't a brothel, now chop chop to the table 2".

She started serving drinks, got groped all over her body, and the requests are various and perverted, one asked her to spill his booze on her chest so he can lick and suck her soaked nipples, another asked to fill her mouth full of booze and spit in his mouth while kissing, another one offered a vodka for her to drink while she sits on his lap, she started feeling dizzy and drunk that she started kissing everyone she can find, then the requests became more ridiculous, a man willing to pay a lot asked to fist her, and the Wanderer said yes without thinking, he started putting his fist in her asshole, slowly spreading the hole, then he opened a bottle of whisky and stick it in her asshole, where she felt the burn inside her and started screaming in pain, sweating a lot that some men had to restrained her until her body started to tolerate the burn, then she spilled the whisky to the bottle again, the man smiling, has bottled the contaminated whisky with her dung and pays like 150 caps to Charlie, which concluded the night.


 Charlie dismissed the Wanderer but she felt asleep on the carpet next to the puke, Charlie recognized that with her, he made a great profit and left her be in his establishment. Next day she woke up with a great headache and a huge hunger,that she got up and saw the menu: everything is overpriced even the 200 years peanuts cost like 20 caps, it like 3 weeks of work, better get used eating radroach from the sewer.


She returned to the Hotel, where Marowski was smiling for her good job and gave her 3% of the payment, she received 3 caps and the daily cap which in total the Wanderer received 4 caps, which doesn't compensate even a little the hell she went through, but she can't argue about it since she agreed to do anything, she must endure, which speaking about endure, time to get a meal in the sewer.

Another dirty struggle trying to catch a radroacher, everything is slippering and she went deeper than the last time, that she fell into a hole full of shit which, so unlucky that she couldn't open her eyes, feeling the taste of shit in her mouth, she climbed to get out from the hole then she went in four legs, crawling, blinded and hoping that she was going to the exit of the sewer, until she felt the "Water" hitting on her head then she washed her face so she could see again, and trying again to catch that bug; Finally got one and ripped his head off with her teeth, the meat tasted more horribly that the previous one, tasted like dung, and cold slime. after that she took a bath and drank some of this water since she was thristy from the alcohol yesterday, it wasn't radioactive, but tasted foul just like the radroach, she could get sick eating raw meat and drinking unknowed sources in a disgusting place, but it's too late to worry about her health now, she felt so humiliated, that she started crying, and wished that she shouldn't never have come to Goodneighbor.

After the meal she went to her room to put herself together, but then she felt a cold in her spine, she saw Finn the robber coming out one of those rooms and went stright to her saying:" well...What a suprise, working for Marowski outsider? you must be really that desperate or stupid, that fool barelly has money to run this place so you must be working for free." The Wanderer in shock couldn't speak. "And since you're working for free, I think you don't mind if I fuck you for free then, were alone up here and something bad might happen if things don't go in my way."


The wanderer still speechless, nods, agreeing to fuck him for free, she went to his room and put herself in doggy style on his bed, He fuck her so much that he filled her womb full of semen and ordered her to clean his penis with the tongue and swallow the remains of semen, he slapped her ass as sign of "good job".


He said: "I loved having sex with you so much, that I should visit you more often that going to those brothels, I bet you fell in love for me, but I hate to break your heart dear, today i have to go to the capital wasteland doing some business, might take some months, but I hope you will stay here for my return, but, what i'm kidding? Of course you will be around for a very long time, judging by how you do everything for free... But i'm not ungrateful so here's a cap for you and don't waste it all in the same place(laughs).

The Wanderer grabbed the cap like it was the most precious thing, although for her suprise she loved the sex, but still, she hates Finn for putting her in this situation, but there's nothing to do about it, but being fucked by a guy that robbed her, felt even more humiliating than the sewers.

Since then, some days has passed with the same routine, cleaning the whole Hotel, hired by Charlie sometimes, she no longer minds staying hours in the sewers catching the radroachs, but recently there's been more activity in the Hotel a visitor just paid a room and asked to the recepcionist that their room needs to be clean. Clair told to the Wanderer that the room needs to be clean.

She started cleaning the room while being watched by the visitor who catched a sight of under her skirt, he saw that hse's not wearing a panty, the visitor couldn't hold his urges, he grabbed her from behind, caughting her by surprise, and asked her to clean his pipe; she was about to say no but he offered to pay her 5 caps for it.
5 caps is like 5 days of work, she accepted and moved sensually like a lusty maid, she started licking and then sucking until her mouth is full of semen, he paid 5 caps told her that he would give another 5 if she swallow the load, which she did, the taste of semen felt so great, after eating only raw radroach since she has been hired, the taste of semen felt divinal; then he says he would pay another 5 if she lets him "brushing" her pussy, she also accepted; she putt herself in four legs and started waxing the floor while being fucked from behind.

After the sex the visitor has been satisfied with the services, but Marowski noticed that something happened and confront the Wanderer, saying that if visitors adavnces like that and pays for sex then he wants a cut of the profit like 90%, but this time she can have the money she gained, he started ripping her clothes that started revealing her torso completely, saying that from now on, she can provoke the visitors.

Since them, from word around, the Hotel started to get more visitors, and for the first time all rooms were occupied, all them being serviced by the famed Wanderer the lusty maid, she started getting paid per visitor 2 to 8 caps making daily around 7 to 25 caps, Marowski was getting richer thanks to the Wanderer, He started to advertise weekends parties where the Maid has to service guests like the way she used to work at "The Third Rail", Groped by successful rich people, sometimes grabbed and dragged to the restroom to be fucked.

It reached to a point that she's hardly a maid, but she's knowned throught out the Commonwealth the "Lusty Maid", the Hotel has been restored to his formed glory, Parties with rich people, drugs and sex, the Hotel became the beacon of pleasure.

Marowski gave to the wanderer a new contract where she can receive 30% of the gains including a place and food with no period of time to renew the contract; seems like he doesn't want to lose the chicken of golden eggs, but she got enough to get a gun and get out of goodneighbor, but on the other hand she's enjoying all this so much and the pay is getting good, she can get a comfortable life as a Maid at this point.

Until Hancock arrived from the Capital Wasteland with the backpack full of Ultrajet and said with suprise: "Wow Marowski you turned your live around pretty well, and it seems all thanks to the Lusty Maid, she's famous in the Capital too!" Looking at the Wanderer and spoke to her: "Do you know a guy named Finn? I found him in the Capital ripped in half from a deathclaw but he was still alive when I found him; I was like :"my man Finn! what happened here? and why are you here in the Capital?" He didn't have time to explain he only said: return the loot to the maid... Hotel room... goodnei... and then he died, I guess he wants to return what he has stolen from you, am I right? And your stolen goods seems to be in one of the rooms in the Hotel, Poor guy... in the end he had a weight in his conscious or he had fellings for you."

The Wanderer Hardly believed that her belongings, were hidden in one of the rooms all this time and she remembered the room that he came out when they met again, how she couldn't discovered the stash after cleaning the room lots of times? Turns out that there was a fake wall in the room, and there's the stash, everything is there except there was less money, but now, nothing can keep her in GoodNeighbor, not even the tempting contract. Time for adventures... after seeing a doctor if she pregnant from the wilds parties!... maybe returning and making some money, now that she's the famous Lusty Maid!

Marowski kept prospering, but without the Maid, business have calmed down but remained stable, but there will be always parties, specially if the Wanderer decides to return.   


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