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Hold Ups



So my ENB has just fell to bits. I updated windows and my graphics driver and then I go onto skyrim. The only difference between the ENB and vanilla is a slight colour change. It was quite the shock and very disappointing. I don't want to post anything that is of poor quality visually, so until I fix the issue there won't be any new chapters. Apart from my new Child of Prophecy series, which I already have the shots for. I have tried most solutions on the forums, my prefs.ini is set correctly. I have also completely uninstalled my enb files and reinstalled them and the issue still persists. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the issues it would be very appreciated.


Anyway, now my plan for a Christmas special is fucked I just have to say that I hope you all have a great Christmas!


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19 hours ago, WANOBI12 said:

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles =(

Hopefully you can resolve it ?



I did resolve it, it turned out to be Vivid Weathers


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