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Starlight Drifter is a gorgeous sci-fi visual novel that stands out among the rabble thanks to its amazing visuals. The premise had lots of potential for great porn, and the minor gameplay involving space battles was an interesting concept that never got explored. While Dharker Studio has made good games in the past, this time they didn’t. This company is still seemingly stuck making mediocre products that pander to the delusions of a young and naive customer base brainwashed into communist doctrine by their leftist media and academia, they are not showing respect by producing a quality product that would be more universally appealing.


While I am disappointed with the lack of sex in the game, the CG art is admittedly gorgeous. Each female character has a unique design with lots of personality. From their clothing to their hairstyles, everything has a significant amount of tender loving put into it. Rather than trying to mimic the typical Japanese anime style, the artist draws characters in their own unique way that looks attractive and personable.


The women are shapely, they wear gorgeous clothing. The lighting is detailed, and the corresponding shading of characters is downright magnificent. The overall graphics of the game are similar quality: Even the menus have animated interlocking metal doors which open and close. Each animation is fluid and professional quality.


The immersive background art has plenty of variety. As you travel to different alien worlds, you’re treated to some preposterous visages. Your space ship on the other hand looks ultra high-tech, with great lighting effects creating an intimate mood for a series of watered down romances.





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