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Getting ahead of herself [F04 Story]



Okay, so this is a continuation of a Skyrim story set I did. Here's a LINK but it is in document form due to broken links. (link)

Here is a summary: 


This was a very large set of stories but I'll try to be concise. 


Harsh Realities: A young girl, with an unknown past was raised in the wild before coming to the College of Winterhold. Her family comes across an an ancient evil, setting her on a quest to learn about said evil.


Blackreach Experiments and Tears of the Past: A young mage named Celes was fascinated with Dwemer tech. One day, she met a Dwemer Oracle, a long lost machine,  that charged her with collecting and containing dangerous Dwemer tech. Through the course of her adventures she met Arissa, another mage working with powers unknown to protect the balance of magic. Celes and Arissa are both infected with a curse. Celes' body is slowly becoming fully mechanical and Arissa is slowly transforming into a dragon. Through the course of events, an ancient sorceress named Kiva is a freed from the Soul Cairne, her body long gone, not she resembles a keeper and is in search of a host.

       Finding a host, she begins the slow process of subverting Skyrim and the Dragonborn. She causes the curses inflicting Celes and Arissa to fully take hold and tries to kill them both. Arissa, now fully a dragon takes Celes remains and flies off.



A New Beginning

She remembered herself being ripped apart. An evil vicious woman clawing at the mechanical parts of her body, ripped and destroying her. She remembered begging for mercy that never came. Her head and the remnants of her destroyed body were tossed outside of the city like garbage. The blackness approached, she saw sky, as if she was being lifted into it.



Celes slowly became aware of her surroundings. The fog hanging in the corners of her vision disipated.



“Where...where am I? Arissa? Who....” The words escaped her mouth with a metallic undertone.



A group of Institute scientists stood nearby, marveling at the complexity of the robotic head they had discovered. They were wildly speculating at it's origin. The head was badly damaged. They had already replaced most of the out metal parts and given the inner workings a temporary housing.

“Could this be something of Zetan origin?”



“Don't be ridiculous... it's well, it's not American or Chinese. Look at these letters. Looks like they were scratched with a claw.”

One scientist held the bronze colored metal plating in front of Celes head and said, “What does this say?”

The other scientists laughed, “Like it's actually able to understand you. We may have given it a data connection but it's just a head.”

He was cut off in mid sentence when the head responded, “It's Nordic, from the province of Skyrim. It says, “She's closing in. I found a portal. Go, be free.”

The scientists were astonished and all broke into discussions. Celes was saddened, Although the message meant nothing to the scientists, to her it meant her friend had sacrificed her life to send her through a portal to wherever this was. She remembered the men said something about a connection. She concentrated and could feel it. She reached out with her mind and saw a map of sorts. It was vast and highlighted a few points of interest for these “Institute” people.



Over weeks and months, they modeled a human head for her. She gathered from the terminals that the Institute was on the verge of something but had hit a block. Over the next several months, she answered their questions while secretly looking through their data. Whatever “Phase 3” was, every department was gearing up for it.



She slowly and carefully injected bits of code into their databases, being careful not to arouse suspicion. She had also convinced them to build her a new body. As she stared at her new hands, one thing was clear. This world was not home, but maybe she could make it a home.



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