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2014 End of the year updates



blog-0402302001410471936.pngUpdate - My regular job is kicking in high gear until October 1st at least, so I won't around much for the next two weeks.


I am still working on changes to the relationship system between master and slave in SD+, but the pace of work will dramatically reduced for a while.


I am hoping to spend a lot more time on this in October, with hopefully a Halloween release like I did last year with Alicia.


My plan is to finish the next stage of updates for SD+ in October so I can spend November on bug fixes and December on quests for Stories and the Sisterhood of Dibella (finally).


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Probably not... the Brothel requires a lot of attention, especially in light of the new SexLab Skooma addiction mod :)


Don't expect changes to the brothel before December.

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As usual, my time estimates were way off.


I am still working on SD+ and getting really close to a release. 

Hopefully, that will happen the first week of December.


I will work on the Sisterhood of Dibella first, with a target date of the end of the year.


Work on Stories and my other mods will resume in the new year.

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