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So how is BfA so far?



Well let's sum it up on blog.




So far best leveling expirience in BfA zones. Some quests are as allways. "Get for me 5 carrots" etc. But some are total fun! Like in Zuldazar Alliance Outpost, where you need kill 200 goblins, by using fire elemental what dark iron dwarves conjured! :D




Definetly they are designed perfect! My favs at the moment are Drustvar, you feel here some vibes like from Witcher series and Vol'Dun because soundtrack is amazing there! Also Tiragarde Sound got awesome soundtrack alike Pirates Of Carribean or something!


Max level expirience.


Well i must say, Island Expeditions are fun. But considering that it is best way to get reputation weekly for 7th legion / Honorbound to unlock Mag'Har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves. Also provides you rewards like transmogs, mounts, battle pets etc. For dungeons sadly again i feel much dissapoint because again there is advertisments for boosting, people who want link achievement or requirers you 340+ ILvL. About Warfronts i can't say anything yet, because this week will be opened with Uldir first raid.




Well so far i must say. Alliance vs Horde war is ok, i just hope it will not turn it again like in MoP, that we will face old gods forces, or i will highly dissapointed. But knowing that Azshara will be an raid boss, like was Gul'Dan in Legion. Is highly possible!


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