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So it occurred to me that out of all the Dwarven-themed mods I've come across, few to none sourced from the Dwarven Ballista model. Since I was sorting out the parts I pulled from the Centurion and Spider models this morning, I figured I might as well give taking it apart a try.




This actually ended up being easier than I expected. I've been wanting to take a crack at this for a while, but kept putting it off because everything on the model is all crammed in inside of each other. But the only really tricky part turned out to be the shell. Once I peeled that off, everything else was pretty easy. 


And I made sure to check that these converted and separated bits would actually work in-game before I started slapping them into body models this time, too. 




Don't have any solid plans for using these, yet. Got some vague ideas, particularly as far as those wheel shapes with the radial patterning on them go, but can't really tell until I actually try putting them together if they'll work out or not. 


But it's always nice to have more options for my building blocks. 




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