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Mary Sues



This is actually a continuation of my last entry (here: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/7294-xenoblade-2/) mostly because I only addressed the good points in Xenoblade 2 so I'll be discussing the few points I found to be bad in the game as well as a few worries about its upcoming DLC.




But before the bad something good I forgot to mention in my last entry and is worth mentioning: When Morag and Zeke join you they aren't suddenly incompetent in the cutscenes as a pathetic way of making the enemies seem more powerful and/or dangerous than the main party, both characters are heralded as the strongest drivers in their respective countries and in cutscenes against the antagonists they're shown to be holding their own but needing to concentrate on their own fights which prevent them from going to the aid of Rex, Nia and Tora it's a good way of showing how powerful an antagonist is without contradicting an established fact brought up during the story Additionally it also makes the antagonists look good because they are managing to keep up with these two amazing characters, that's GOOD storytelling.


But anyway onto the bad and it's nothing major (just enough to stop the game being a 9 or 10 out of 10 but nothing bad enough to drop below an 8 ) mostly that the dubbing is fairly bad and some of the dialogue is cringey as fuck additionally Poppi (as much as I love her as a character) is a bit of a deus ex machina during certain events, it's nothing egregious and does make sense to an extent but it still feels like a bit of a plot contrivance. They're not major complaints but are enough to bring the score down a touch. The two major issues I have are the percepion that one of the characters might be a mary sue (I'll expand on that below) and the fact that some of the quests are annoying as fuck with all the busy work they involve, for example the Rare blade Ursual her quest (which needs to be completed to get the best out of her and she's one of the best healing blades in the game to boot) is filled with nothing but merc missions, I quite like the mercenary side activity but having a quest filled with nothing BUT these missions.


Now onto the point alluded to in the title; Mary Sues, more specifically what I percieve to be a mary sue in Xenoblade 2 and it's not Rex yes he does have moments that could be thought to be a bit Mary Sueish especially two events early on, one with a water tower and the other where he picks up a technique after only being shown it once. However the first is just a bit of quick thinking on his part where he acts on information he is given earlier on if he didn't have that information he wouldn't have been able to pull that trick off yes he had only been a driver for a day or two before that but it's still nothing insane, as for the technique it involves using a bit of gear that he had been using for years so it's still plausible that he'd be able to pull it off first time. No the Mary Sue of the story seems to be a character called Lora who we only see in cutscenes (although she is in a DLC coming out later this year) but from what we see she seems to be much more of a mary sue than Rex is resonating with the only two blades capable of bringing Mythra (the most powerful blade both storywise and gameplay wise) down in strength to that of a normal blade either through shackling her or being so insanely powerful that they can outspeed someone who can predict the future, she also seems to rise incredibly quickly in the ranks of the army she joins and everyone seems to love her (Rex also has this but it doesn't feel as  extreme and he still has to work on gaining everyone's trust) of course I am only basing this off a few cutscenes and the DLC might reveal her to be just a regular character but so far my first impressions have not been good.




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