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Without providing details, I am just going to say that I am being very unfairly mistreated by certain parts of the MTS staff. Again, I don't want to give details, but it has gotten to a point where I can't even communicate with anyone on site, so I had to find an email address that was hidden in a missing page.


I just want to ask... has anyone else had bad experiences with the MTS staff? I refuse to believe that, out of thousands of users, I'm being singled out. Then again, I've been a victim of bullying and violent harassment as long as I can remember... then again again, I'm also not the only one who is a victim of that. What is this world? Can we just reverse evolution and go back?





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Shouldn't you be aware of how people react to you?


Set aside nobody knows if you are bitchy or a wiseass per se, you might give other people that expression when arguing on your point of view.

Or you are a great guy and you got misunderstood, or defended a position contrary to the common one, which would be noble in general, but known to cause you trouble.


So, all in all, unfortunately I only browse through MTS, meaning I can't give you any feedback on it. I just find it strange to ask for an opinion in the matter you did; guessing you didn't want such, but wanted confirmation that your P.O.V. is correct.


Hm, no, the internet is not good for socia-analyzing.

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I'm a girl. I'm usually misunderstood due to the fact that I have speech and social development issues. unfortunately, this one got me banned from MTS. I wish I had documented everything off site. I can't access any of the messages now. the owner of the site is a piece of shit.

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