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The World Cup 5



Sorry no image for this entry I couldn't be fucked, it'll probably be a short entry anyway as I only watched one match of the Quarter Finals that being the France vs Uruguay game which was the only one I really cared about but before I get into that I'm glad Brazil got knocked out I was fed up of their arrogance (seriously I find the English Fans and Media's arrogance annoying but that at least doesn't translate to the players) and I honestly believe whoever wins in the France vs Belgium game will win the entire thing (obviously I want France to win it) regardless of who they play. Speaking of which Croatia weren't all that great against Russia but England have a quite frankly piss easy run to the semi finals just by coming in second and while I understand how it happened I still think it's bullshit.


But anyway the France vs Uruguay match, I thought it was really good France did really well to break down Uruguay's defence even if it took them a while. However I found Mbappe's showboating and eventual dive to be unnecessary and if he didn't do it there wouldn't have been a massive scrum on the pitch (where Umtiti had to move Suare away from them) Varane impressed me and proved his captain crednetials with how he went to calm Mbappe down. Uruguay were definitely missing Cavani as Stuani just isn't good enough and I think the future looks bleak for Uruguay when Suarez and Cavani retire. Overall I thought France did well against one of the toughest teams in the competition and I thought Griezmann not celebrating his goal spoke well of him especially given that Godin and Jimenez are team mates (and in the case of godin the god father to his daughter.)


Honestly I can't call this world cup, I'm hoping it ends up as a Croatia vs France final but I can jsut as easily see France vs England, Belgium vs Croatia or England vs Croatia.


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