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You run into the weirdest problems trying to grant requests...



Yet here I am, trying to convert some CBBE/Bodyslide armor from a japanese blog somewhere to the 7BO body and having the damndest time getting the weights to behave. Of all the things, the SLEEVE is giving me hell.


So here I am, wrestling with flared sleeves, like I'm in some kind of fashion class.


Maker take me...


But hey, once I start a course, I'm nothing if not dedicated. At least until I exhaust every idea I can come up with in short order and learn everything I can learn from the project.


At this point my only remaining thought is to try painting the forearm bone as a rigid mesh, and then add the twists back on top of it if that doesn't immediately solve the problem.


We'll see if that does anything useful.


Stage one is almost finished. Hopefully once stage two is done I'll get a chance to post a 'eureka' moment. Otherwise I suppose I'll take an early bedtime and resign myself to defeat.


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