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Devious Death Hound Collars



Credit for the original mod (as far as I know) goes to Vioxsis


The idea of wearable death hound collars was too good to pass up, so I took it and modified it in the following ways:


1. Devious Devices Integration support - unarmored variants with appropriate keywords. Locking and all. Wear with care.

2. Unlocked "armored" collars based on those originally included in Vioxsis' mod. Light and heavy versions, temperable, can be enchanted (in theory - I haven't tested it yet). They DO however have the zaz' 'worn collar' keyword - I'm hoping that's enough to trigger collar related dialog in other mods while still leaving the item unlocked and useful as auxiliary armor. The armored variation is intended for a more aggressive breed of thrall...

3. Armored collars are tempered with ebony. All collars are crafted from the death hound collar misc item.

4. Recipes have globals which should allow them to be fully supported by the Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade mod. No breakdown recipes tho.


All of the above use the same slot as the devious collars - meaning you can't wear an armored collar and a devious collar at the same time, but you CAN wear one with a circlet.


The only thing I forgot was to add the DD smithing perk requirement to the locking recipes. Whoops.


Requirements are on the ESP - integration, sexlab, zaz's animation pack, etc. CCO is optional.


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