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The Nexus





So my last upload to the nexus got moved to the supporter's image share because my character was wearing an outfit deemed too revealing (I thought it was fine as well as being marked s having "adult" content in it anyway) and here's the thing either the nexus mods are actively searching the image share for stuff like that or someone reported it because it had been up for an entire day as well as being off the front page. Now I can kind of see why they wouldn't want nudity in the image share but a lot of their rules don't make sense when you have extremely skimpy outfits (or outright fucking nudity) in the Hot Files section, hell the outfit my character was wearing was in the Hot Files (it was this outfit: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30006) and it seems kinda weird (not exactly the word I wanted but I couldn't think of the best way to describe this) that skimpy outfits and outright nudity are fine in the mods section (y'know the most important part of a site called nexus MODS) and can even get to the hot files where it's on fully display for little Timmy who wants  to turn his deathclaws into Meowth or whatever it is those wee wankers do in their games and yet a skimpy outfit that's deemed to not cover enough is no bueno in the image share where very few people (if you ask me) actively browse and most only see that images on the front page.


Also while the image has been in the supporter's section (for an entire day now) it's had 200 views and 0 endorsements or comments so I'm taking it down and reuploading the comic that was in the description with the image that's in the spoiler below:




Okay so this image is me being a bit facetious (or padentic) with this one but it's to underline a point in a humourous way.




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Can't be arsed editing the entry so I'll just say this in a comment; I would not be surprised if the second image got removed for sarcasm.

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20 minutes ago, The First Lady of Hats said:

Nexus being Nexus.

Clearly yer name's not Ista or Willow. xD

Thing is I've gotten away with it in the New Vegas nexus and most likely the Oblivion nexus as well.

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