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Open Worlds





Was originally going to have a Fallout 4 image up but Bethesda broke F4SE again so have two Oblivion images.


But anyway the main crux of this entry; Open World games. I recently got a Nintendo Switch and with it I got Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Fire Emblem warriors (well technically I bought Warriors seperately on the eshop but technicalities) and while I've been loving my time with Warriors (I unlocked Lyn and I'm now grinding exp to get Anna, also Minerva is awesome) BoTW is frustrating me to no end namely because it's been showing me glimpses of the game it is but those glimpses are smothered by frustrations (Jim Sterling's review on the game actually sums up most of my frutrations far more eloquently; here's the link to it: http://www.thejimquisition.com/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-review/) every time I do something fun something not fun comes in shits all over it, for example I'll find and complete a shrine with an interesting puzzle only to then get my arse handed to me by a damage sponge that can OHKO me with its basic attack after my best weapon broke in two hits and my shield did fuck all to block any damage (I know I'm early in the game but shields are fucking useless for me at the moment) or I'll get to one of the Ubisoft towers (another thing I'm not a fan of) and actually manage to kill anything that would get in the way of me climbing it only to find I don't have enough stamina to climb it, actually in regards to the towers I'd have prefferred it if the map unveiled itself as you explore the world with Shrines revealing a bit more of the local area around the map whenever you complete them. Also the ragdoll on Link is retardedly long, I've been knocked down near a cliff resulting in me dying due to Link ragdolling off the edge even if I wasn't all that close to the edge. The deaths I had when I first started out wheren't as frustrating as I was still learning my way and the game's limitiations but now it's getting frustrating due to the enemies not changing in any meaningful way only getting more spongy and having their damage boosted to ridiculous degrees (PGG actually have a good discussion about game difficulty and when a challenge is fun; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ7vShaIBZg&t=0s) ruinign any fun I might have with the game. Where does this "review" come into my discussion about open worlds, it doesn't really other than the fact that most non-Bethesda open world games fail to hold my attention for long, everything in them chores or if there aren't a fuckload of activities the world is just fucking empty (As is the case with BoTW and Horizon Zero Dawn) where you need to track down the mindless busy work, I'm probably going to stop buying open world games due to my boredom with the genre.


Also another point about BoTW the combat is some bastardised combination of Dark Souls and traditional LoZ combat and it doesn't work imo, the last LoZ game I played (Twilight Princess) had a much better combat system (again in my opinion) due to it being a purely LoZ combat system, Bloodborne (the only Soulsborn game I've played) also has a better combat system due to it having purely Soulsborne combat in it. Additionally in relation to the damage spongy enemies with attacks of fuck you, you're dead levels of damage the enemies in Twilight Princess where much better balanced as they had the right level of damage resistance and output on them (hell I loved fighting the dark nuts in that game) and their attack patterns where tailored to the game's combat system unlike in BoTW where they really aren't.


As for Warriors, it's effectively Dynasty Warriors with a Fire Emblem skin. Well not exactly, there's magic and flying untis in it as well as the weapon triangle which I feel they implemented into a Warriors style game really well. I do have my frustrations with it; your allies' AI is retarded as fuck and need near constant handholding, most of the DLC characters (Linde, Azura and Olivia are the exceptions) are pretty much reskinned versions of characters already in the game (Oboro's another exception but that's because she and Azura are the only two infantry lances in the game) the Pegasus Knights are also all pretty much reskins of each other the only things each character has that's unique to them are weapons (and only then it's jsut a few of them) and their special attacks but there's nothing bad enough to make me not enjoy the game.


So yeah that's my two Switch games, I'll be getting Mario Kart and Super Mario Odyssey next month when I et payed. Hopefully the second system seller for the switch entertains me more than LoZ, I've not gotten my teeth sunk into a platformer in ages so it should be pretty fresh for me (same for Mario Kart actually, the last one I played was Double Dash.) Anyway below are naked elves;







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