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Football stuff



I know I was going to start a new blog for shite like this and keep this one for images but I can't really be fucked doing that (I may make a sub category for stuff like this) but anywa as the title says I'll be discussing football stuff, more specifically the France World cup squad and Arsenal.


Anyway the France squad, the main thing is that Lacazette, Rabiot and Martial have all be left out (other good players have as well but they're the big names that got left out) now Rabiot and Martial are fine to be left out Martial hasn't been all that great this season and Rabiot doesn't bring anything to the team that Kante, Tolisso and pogba don't already provide. However Lacazette being left out is fucking retarded, yes he had a bad patch this season but that was due to him playing with an injury (and Arsenal generally not playing to his strengths and him getting subbed off after 70 minutes every match) but in the beginning and definitely at the end of the season he was playing incredibly well and deserves to be in the squad ahead of Thauvin (yean, not suggesting Giroud gets dropped) especially since Mbappe is a winger, Griezmann isn't an out and out striker and Giroud is slow plus the team doesn't need another winger additionally having a second striker with a different playstyle (and who has played with Umtiti, Tolisso and Fekir before as well as being mates with Griezmann) could surprise teams who have been prepared to face a target man only to have to deal with a poacher, especially at the end of a match (the last 10-15 minutes or so) when defenders are getting tired France could grab a win with a sudden change of tactics and a fresh pair of legs. So yeah I still think Deschamps is a fucking retard who needs to be sacked ASAP, even though he did call up Fekir.


As for Arsenal it seems tha they're considering appointing Mikel Arteta as the new head coach (no not manager, they're going for a head coach instead and leaving the recruitment of players to the head scout and director of football) which could either be a massive success or a massive failure (I'm leaning towards the latter, I'll still give him a few seasons though) and if he does fail it won;t be his head the fans want on a spike it'll be the boards' and if they don't want this they need to appoint someone that will do a good job. Additionally Arteta doesn't even have any experience being in charge of a team (hell even Patrick Viera, who the board pissed off, had managerial experience and thus would have been a better choice) and I don't think many of the current crop of players would have all that much respect for Arteta despite what some of the reports have said about him apparently being referred to as "the coach" in the dressing room, I'd personally like to see Allegri or Jardim as the coach with an Arsenal legend (prefferably Thierry Henry) as their assistant.


Finally the Arsenal players I'd like to see sold in the summer:

  • Shkrodan Mustafi: He's been fucking useless this season, half the goals conceded that aren't from Koscielny's mistakes are because of one of his fuck ups. He's quite rightly not been selected for the Germany World Cup squad and quite rightly. Could probably get about £20 million for him from some dumbass team who are willing to take him
  • Lucas Perez: Arsenal have Lacazette and Aubameyang as first choice as well as Nketiah as a promising youth prospect as a third choice he won't get many if any games so might as well see if they can get some money for him, a shame too since I think he deserved a change.
  • Mesut Ozil: I know he signed a new deal in the Winter but he's a luxuary player and Arsenal can't afford luxuary players right now. They'd be able to get a good amount of money for him as well as free up some of the wage bill and get rid of a player who's constantly off sick (if he was at any other type of work place he'd probably be getting sacked for persistant absences) especially since I feel that Fekir is a far better player than Ozil (even though Arsenal don't stand a chance at getting Fekir due to no CL football) and they could easily get £50 million at least for him.


Players I think should go out on loan

  • Alex Iwobi: I don't think he's good enough for Arsenal personally but I still think he should be given a chance to either show what he can do and prove his detractors wrong or put himself in the shop window for any potential buyers.
  • Rob Holding: I think Holding has the potential to be a really good defender he just needs game time and some proper management, if gets sent out on loan to a good team (a mid table Bundesliga team for example) for a season (or two) to get games under his belt and develop under some good defence coaches he could be come a class defender.
  • Takuma Asano: I know it's kind of harsh on the lad to send him out on loan for ANOTHER season but I think it might help him develop a bit more (or attract potential buyers) especially since he got fucked over by Stuttgart where up until they changed manager he was doing well and getting regular game time. I'm a fan of the Japanese team and Japanese players so I'd quite like him to stay, maybe retrain him as a wide player or a CAM if possible.


So that's the departures (sort of.) What about any in coming players or the goalkeepers? I hear you ask. In my opinion both Goalkeepers need to go, Cech's too old and Ospina's a mid table goalie at best however one needs to stay (I'd keep Ospina, he's done better than Cech this season) and then bring in a better goalkeeper to go with a new a centre back. I'd actually bring in a new right back and a new experienced centre back in addition to the new goalie, I'll start with the right back as getting a new one doesn't need much explanation; Bellerin needs competition he's a bit toocomfortable and needs to know that if he has a sub par game he's benched. As for the Centre back Arsenal only really need a GOOD, experienced centre back to guide Mavropanos and Chambers and martial the defense a bit. Arsenal actually have a very good skeleton to craft a good even world class squad they just need to fix the defense situation (I don't subscribe to the whole "the team NEEDS to have a CDM" mentality, a solid defense should be enough) and maybe shave off some of the dead weight. As for Koscielny (who I mentioned above,) I hink his altest achilles has done his career in, he's had a recurring achilles injury for a good while now and I don't think he'll be able to fully recover from his latest injury and needs to follow the BFG's example and bow out before he does any permanent damage to himself.


Also for Santi Cazorla, I'd like to see him come back but I think it'll be the same for him as it was/is for Koscielny, he can com eback he might even be able to do a job but I doubt he'll ever be as good as he was which is a shame as he's an absolute magician and Arsenal are all the worse for his absence. There's a few other players I've not mentioned namely Reiss Nelson, Ainsley Maileand-Niles and Joel Campbell purely because in the case of Nelson and AMN I think they along with Nketiah could do a good job as squad players as they did impress this season when they got the chances however if the new head coach coming in does manage to persuade the board into giving him more than £50 million for transfer funds and brings in some more experienced players I'd like to see them go out on loan to develop and (hopefully) impress in clubs that will give them first team football. As for Joel Campbell I'm actually a fan of him (have been since the last world cup where his performances for Costa Rica actually impressed me quite a bit) and I do feel a bit sorry for him as he's a victim of circumstance (much like Lucas Perez actually) where he did quite well last season only to be dropped because he's a wide player and didn't fit into the three at the back system Wenger started to use at the end of last season and for the beginning of this season so he got punted out on loan (which he didn't want by the way so I can totally understand if he wants to leave in the summer for a club that will actually appreciate him a bit more) but if the new manager is going to change formations, especially if any new formation requires wide players, it might be worth holding onto him and giving him a chance but other than that if he does leave I hope he does well at whatever club he does end up going to (hopefull it's Lyon where he can hang out with Depay and Traore and do well in Ligue 1.)



So yeah that's the football shite I wanted to talk about, sorry for the massive football post and not having a separate blog for this stuff. I might just make a sub category for stuff like this. Also I finalyl got a nintendo Switch so BotW and Fire Emblem Warriors have been taking up most of my time hence the absence of the promised FO4 stuff sorry about that.


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