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Chapter 13-Beauties Bathing



Colour coding:

Shea: Red

Sofia: Purple

None dialogue: Grey




"I don't suppose you mind me joining you do you?" I asked as Sofia quickly shifted her attention towards me, just how I liked it. "What am I saying? of course you don't mind."

I smirked as she began to grow a little bit red and I could soon see her frustration. I hoped it was sexual frustration, she was cute when she didn't know what to do.




"What? I mean yes, sure come take a seat the water is nice and warm." Saying this she slightly gestured to the water and swilled her hand, gently in it creating a small whirlpool that disappeared as quickly as it appeared.




"I'm sure it is, there is a reason I came here, and besides you look bored." I slowly began to step into the water allowing it to seep towards me and envelop me in its warm and gentle waves.




"Well.." She seemed to struggle for what to say, normally I was the one who did that. i must've been doing quite well. "I mean yes I am bored, but you always make things more exciting."




"How about I just sit here, this seems a nice.." I took a seat beside Sofia. "...and comfortable place to sit."




"Of course it's a nice place to sit, it's next to me." She boasted though I could see that her mind was becoming clouded with other thoughts.




"I don't know how you always know what to say...well most of the time."




"Because I'm good at thinking on the spot, that's why I run everything with messages. I'm quick. Anyway, you say most of the time, normally I have time to think about what I want to say. you did just appear out of nowhere."




"So you think about me, whenever I appear out of nowhere. How quaint."




"Well one of us has to be romantic, you certainly aren't so I have to. And anyway being the romantic isn't always boring, in fact I remember a few nights ago when it was exciting."




"As much as I love talking with the most beautiful women I know, I did come here to get clean and I'm sure you did as well. Would you care to join me?"




"I would, but I'm already clean, and besides two clean bodies brushing and grinding against each other is much better."




"I'd say two wet bodies would be better, but that's just personal preference I think."




"No, I like you no matter how you feel. Dry, wet or oily, I'd gladly take you, as I'm sure you'd do the same with me."




"Okay, last chance, are you sure you don't want to step under the water with me?"




"It's still a no, besides I've only just got my hair dry, I'll gladly watch though."




"Of course you will, I suppose we can catch up tonight."




"Come on don't look at me like that, you know I can barely resist you anyway."




"Then don't resist me. I'm ready."




"Fine, you want that, you'll get that."




"C'mon you can do better than that."




"I know I can, but to do that, we'd have to move...elsewhere."





A few minutes later...


"I think you'll like what I have in store for you."

"Don't make this just about you. We need to share, remember."




"Then let me share."




"Damn I should've let you do this earlier."




"Of course you should've but you're too stubborn. Relax a little."




"Oh I promise I will."





End of Chapter 13


Thank you for reading this far, your views and feedback are appreciated. I've kept this short as you've probably noticed I'm trying a different style, focusing on the dialogue rather than descriptions. Feel free to let me know what you think. Any critique is welcome. 


I apologise for this being shorter as I didn't want to write a large amount in case you don't like the format. but for the most part, they have expression. Yay!






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5 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:

Very nice chapter. Compliments. Enjoyed very much especially in love scene. ;)

Thank you very much!

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