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Chapter 6-On the Road Again



I was brought back to the mortal world and I was already in a haze of confusion. I was still in a warm bed, but I felt broken and hurt, in a strange and sort of comforting way.


"That was one crazy fucking dream." I said aloud, as I felt the presence of someone around me. Whoever it was, they weren't a vampire, yet I strangely sensed something vampiric on their body. maybe a necklace or ring, that could happen I guess, though I'm not sure how they'd come into the possession of something like that.




"Must've been a crazy dream, you were squirming around like a squirrel caught in a snare. You almost came off the bed a few times. You should only really fall out of bed if there's a reason to." The stranger explained in a calm and solemn voice that seemed to drown the joy out of anything around. I hope I wouldn't have to stay around with someone miserable. I might have to tear their throat out. But I still couldn't pin down what was vampiric about them. 




"Clearly. So why are you here and in my room? I don't appreciate people watching me sleep." I said as I snarled at her. I quickly stopped before she saw my teeth and screamed for help or something like that. I really didn't want to have to deal with a city's worth of guards, especially since I killed a lot of people by the graveyard, I imagine they'd pin that on me just because I was a vampire, well that's if they were lucky enough to survive finding out I was a vampire.




"Because you were making a lot of noise and Hulda asked me to throw you out, but I didn't. You should be glad I didn't throw you out like she asked me too. Anyway you could probably do with some fresh air after that." She said with a tone that was more light hearted, but her face stood unbroken in a more brooding expression. 




"So what brought you here then?" She asked as she stood over me, almost seeming like she was deciding what to do with me, I already had enough of that from my parents, I didn't need it from her too.




"What brought me here? A lot of things. I travel and I needed a place to stay the night. That's the reason I'm here, whoever you are." I explained as I took a seat on the platform in front of us. The fresh wind that was lashing out at us was cold, but it didn't bother me, I was normally always cold anyway, I was a vampire after all, which didn't help in the sunlight.




"So if you're a traveller, why not join me? I'll be leaving soon. Also my name is Joanna." She exclaimed as she seemed to wander slowly away from me.




"Wait! I'll come with you if you'd like. Besides, I think the road would be boring on my own." I said as I approached her, then I noticed what was vampiric about her. Her sword, that was Prince Vlad's, did she kill him or did he gift it to her. I couldn't be sure, I'd been out of the loop for a couple of centuries at least. I suppose I'll hold off on mentioning it for a while.




"I agree the road to Bruma is cold and dangerous, besides it'd be nice to talk over a campfire at night." She said as she began to lead me down the path towards the road.




"So how did you begin travelling? Were you cast out, or are you out for personal revenge?" I asked, those were the only two ways anyone became a traveller, no matter what the stories told.




"Neither, I started travelling because my mother was a whore in High Rock. My father was supposedly a vampire prince and because he felt guilty he left his sword. Or so my mother said. And then I began travelling, because I was a bit of an outcast in the town I came from." She explained, and everything began to fall into place. Prince Vlad must've gotten Joanna's mother pregnant and left the sword as a gift. I had to carry on as if it didn't matter, and that was difficult. 





"That's strange, aren't vampires supposed to be emotionless, and I certainly wouldn't expect them to feel guilt." I admitted barely managing to not crack a smile when I was lying straight to her face and she didn't even know. The sun was still bothering me though, I just hope she didn't figure out why.




"Apparently, though we can discuss this when we're on the road, it is a long way to the southernmost border, and if what they say about Helgen is true we might be in a spot of trouble on the way as well." Joanna commanded as she finally took the lead and began leading me down a path.

"Also I have some armour that might fit you. You don't want to be in the snows there with just a shirt and trousers." She explained as she led me further down the path.


A few days passed on the road before we reached the Pale Pass. We were going to Cyrodil, but we weren't anywhere near the border still.


"C'mon I don't think it's too far to the border, once we're there we can get a fire going and get warm, but we can't stop now." I explained as I felt the cold wind push against my skin forcing my skin to clash with tiny flakes of snow. The wind had blown and ruined my usual hair and left it unkempt and untidy.




"How are you putting up with this Shea? It's colder than up an ice giant's ass here." She asked as she placed her hand on her face hoping it would warm her up. Considering she was from High Rock I thought she'd be more used to the wind and cold weather.




"And how is it you know how cold it is up an ice giant's ass? I'd like to hear that story." I questioned as we continued up the path towards a cold and icy ridge.




"I'll tell you when we get to a decent inn with a lot of ale or mead. because it is a long story." She exclaimed as she finally looked towards me.




"Well the next inn is at least ten miles past the border so we better carry on otherwise I'll never hear that story." I laughed as my pace quickened, because I just managed to get her to forget about the cold. I was surprised she complained so much, she didn't seem too bad when we met, though I don't regret meeting her. She was company for the road and that's what mattered.




"Hey, legionnaire! We're here to cross the border." I exclaimed as I almost passed by him, but then he stepped in front of me, blocking my path.




"The Empire is at war, we can't just let anyone through the border." He commanded sternly.




"He isn't going to let you through you know. We may as well go around." Joanna whispered to me.




"I'm afraid she's right, I can't let you through." The commander continued proudly, I was half tempted to stab him or cut his smug face. But I couldn't that would be troublesome for me. A threat might do.

"How about you let us through and you won't have to fight knights in the pay of Elisif of Solitude the High Queen of Skyrim." I threatened as I grabbed the handle of my sword.




"On second thoughts, I think you can go through, Imperial business." He said as I saw his hands shaking




"How on Nirn did you manage that?" Joanna said as soon as we were out of sight of the commander.

"I have no idea, but I think we'll go to the first inn we find on the road." I stated as we pushed through the gate to Cyrodil.


A few hours passed and it was the dead of night, but we finally found an inn. We walked in and were hit in the face by the dry and hot heat that emanated from the main space. Inside was a few tables but they were full, so we couldn't sit down.


"Hey innkeep! Do you have two rooms?" I shouted from the door as I slammed it shut behind us.





"I only have one room to spare, but it's yours for say ten septims?" The frail innkeep offered.


"What do you think Joanna, think you can share a room with me?" I asked, if she didn't accept I suppose I'd wait for people to clear out and sleep on a bench.


"Sure why not? I'm well accustomed to sleeping on chairs after the Bannered Mare." She accepted, which surprised me. It even caught me off guard.




"Fine, we'll take it then." I said as I handed the strangely weighted into the hands of the innkeep.




I'm sure the room will be simple enough to find, lets just avoid the rooms with people in them.


We found the room rather quickly as it was the only one with the door open. Inside was a single bed and a chair, that was all. It was certainly simplistic, but it was homely at least. Then I heard the door shut and a sword being dropped, the echo rung like wood, so it must've been in the scabbard. Then I heard zips being unzipped and studs being unclipped. I turned and saw Joanna naked already.

"Well my mother taught me we should keep warm by sharing body heat." Joanna said as she came towards me and began to undress me. Then some gentle kissing began, soon turning into more rigorous and rough kisses. I felt myself warm up and I began to sit in a euphoric state that soon evolved into something more

Something more than what I could understand.

"It seems your mother taught...you a...lot." My words were slurred between moans that I couldn't control.

"She taught me a lot Shea, but if it's too much I can-"

"No don't stop, please."






End of chapter 6


Thank you to those who have read this far, it really means a lot.


I tried doing something a little more meaningful with the sex, giving the characters a bit of voice and little bit more personality, well as best I could, but I'd like to hear opinions on it because truthfully I have no idea how it is. 


Also I know this one had a lot of travelling, so I'll try to make the next chapter more direct.


Feel free to leave any requests in the comments so I can improve my work.




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