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Chapter 4-Part 2-The Prince and Princess



Honestly, I really wasn't looking forward to this feast. It was just an over exaggerated game of pretend, where everyone feigned the liking of each other and plotted behind each other's backs to take their power. My clan, Lannisdayne, were no different in that regard, except we didn't do it here, as the feast was in our own great hall and we had to honour guest right, despite the fact every other vampire here wouldn't if we turned up on their doorsteps for a feast. And here I was expected to greet them as if they were the closest of kin.




"You know sister, I might stay here for a while, avoid the feast for a while, I've had a tiring week as I'm sure you know." Solomia exclaimed as she turned away from the fire and glared at me with her dirty emerald eyes that seemed to gaze deep into my soul.




"Really, you got me all dressed up for this and now you don't want to go. That's cute you know. But classic, and you say I should get more creative." I replied with a slight flavour of anger yet it was mostly meant as a sweet insult. She didn't seem to mind it, though I could almost hear her trying to think of something to say in return.




She still said nothing at all, and stood by the fire, warming her naturally cold skin. I wondered if she got the genetics of a lizard, she always seemed to be near the fire, she had been for the past few months. I gave her one last look and made my way out of the door. In the corridor was Prince Vlad, I could see his face was a little confused, but there was a slight tint of mischief on it too.




"I was expecting your sister Countess Shae, I must say I'm a little disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing your sister, but if you are an indication of her beauty, I'm very much excited to see her." He explained as he leaned on the wall carelessly.




"I'll take the compliment your grace, but I'll give you a warning first, in case you decide to get brave later. You touch my sister and I'll kill you, with anything to hand. I'll certainly make sure your body can't reform for a very long time. So I advise you stop leaning against that wall and go and compose yourself and follow your family's tradition." I threatened with a hard and heavy tone, that seemed even to shock him. Though this was no empty threat, with my new blade I could easily kill him, permanently.




"You know that I don't like my sister, and besides if I fought you because I laid a finger on her, would it be classed as duelling over her. And besides my family tradition is disgusting. You know I don't like it." He admitted still holding himself high on the wall. 




"If you find your family tradition maybe you should hear clan Lucatielle's tradition. But you don't like the incest part, so you won't want to know my sister." I said as I turned my attention solely to him. He gave me a confused look, but I'm sure he knew what I meant. I hope he did, it might get him to leave my sister alone, or would he try and pry us apart. Either way I'm sure I'd kill him at some point for his constantly honourable attitude.




"Well if she doesn't like me she can tell me herself when she come out of her room." Vlad insisted. Was he really going to stay there. Although, I'd never met his sister, but I hear she was gifted with the beauty of the gods. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Wait. Why am I worrying? My sister is more stubborn than I am and I'm sure if she didn't want him she'd be very vocal about it.




"I don't think she'll be out for a while, so feel free to stay there until you must leave." I muttered as I walked by and towards the feast hall, where Imagine most of the counts, countesses, lords and ladies were all waiting for things to begin. And my parents wouldn't start anything until I arrived. They appreciated that a bit I guess, but they were horrible and despicable most of the time.




Vlad may be one of the only people I truly despise. He walks into my home and he's already trying to steal things from me, I suppose it might be justice if I take one of his things away from him, something he's cast aside, and not noticed the potential of. The Princess Sofia. He didn't want her, I think I might.




She arrived first, so I assume she's int he leisure area, that is where all the guest rooms are, and I don't think she was keen on exploring this old and decrepit place, especially since their palace was so much more magnificent than our castle. But their castle was being repaired so they're having to stay with other clans until their home is brought back into use. I was glad they had to though, as it brought other clans here and it brought fear to them if any...accidents happened. I know father and mother would've had a few names on their list.20180401185803_1.thumb.jpg.d4986ccf5ee1f59180b5e942a46c86b3.jpg


As I thought, she was in the leisure area. I'm surprised she chose here though. It was cold and damp, she could've easily stayed a few rooms back and been near a fire and given meals whenever she wanted. Though the colours in here really did bring out the colours she was wearing. It was time to stop skulking in the shadows now and talk to her. For the first time in a while I felt nervous, I'd fell complacent with my sister, so maybe this was a better path for me.




"Countess Shea, what a surprise to see you. I thought you'd come down when your parents did. I'm glad you came down before, I like to know people first, before being forced to marry them." She exclaimed. I could tell she was unhappy or frustrated. One or the other, she was strangely difficult to read in that way I suppose. She was ominous and unknown. Perhaps that's why I was so anxious around her. She was an uncalculated variable in everything.




"Yeah I've already met your brother, he's trying to hit on my sister, no one does that except me. If he does do anything I swore that I'd kill him." I admitted, revealing my honesty. I knew this could've hurt her or made her want to kill me, but she seemed at peace.




"You don't seem to be angered by that. He is your brother isn't he?" I questioned. I mean they didn't exactly look alike, so I wondered if them being siblings was just a farce.

"No he isn't, but no one must know that. I'm a vampire, but I'm from Morrowind so none of the clans here would know me, so they passed me off as his sister. I trust you won't tell anyone. If you do, I'll most certainly kill you in the most painful way imaginable." She snarled at me baring her long fangs that seemed uncomfortably long. She stared into my eyes with her green ones and seemed to check for sincerity.

"So you don't really know him then, so you wouldn't mind if I killed him?" I asked as I held the handle of my sword. it still felt warm from the forge, but I ignored the burning sensation and tried to not look bothered by it.  

"No I wouldn't mind, in fact I'd probably reward you for it." She laughed changing her mood almost instantly from the serious sombre to a much more light hearted and happy mood. 

"With what exactly?" I asked though she only responded with a wink and a flirtatious touch of her leg.

"Reward for what?" I heard boomed from the stairs behind us. I recognised that soft and sultry voice. It was Lady Folsome definitely.




"Have I been missing something, Shea? What am I saying of course you have? You always start things without me. But as I asked before, reward for what exactly?" She asked, her orange eyes tracking my every move and seemingly every breath.




"Folsome, you could've said hello earlier. Maybe you could've joined our conversation and found out what the reward is for." I proclaimed as she made her way down the steps towards the water's edge. She was taller than me and much more respected than I was.




"Damn you haven't changed a bit Shea." She laughed as we began to walk towards each other with a swift stride.




"That's the one single certainty you get with me Folsome and you know that." I said as we finally approached each other.20180401185846_1.thumb.jpg.f7b7de9e2410bd4d38f12b0bc5ab1101.jpg


"You know, I should probably go, it's clear you two haven't seen each other for a while. If you need to see me, i'll be in my room." Sofia explained as she made her way up the steps and towards the guest rooms. I stared at her longingly, she seemed like everything I needed.




"Go on, little Shea, don't you want to have some fun tonight, embrace Sanguine a little, she seems willing. And anyway we can catch up when all the other ladies and lords will catch up." Folsome suggested clearly needing some time alone.

"Fine. Why not? I've got a few hours to kill." I said as I licked my lips and brushed past her deliberately running my hand along her outer thigh as I stepped up the stairs.


Tonight could be what kills me I suppose. If Prince Vlad found out I was going to be fucking his intended, I imagine he'd try to kill me. But I didn't care, I was young and I needed this sort of...activity. So, I made my way to the Princesses room and saw her getting out of her dress and getting on the bed. She gave me one look and in her eyes was a fire I'd never seen before, one that scared me, yet enticed me at the same time.





This didn't seem real, it felt like home, but nothing had any emotional weight to it. It was like a dream.


End of Chapter 4






P.S Thank you for reading this far it means a lot to me.

Also any criticisms are welcome

Sorry for some of the shots not having depth of field, I've just realised I didn't have DoF on in the ENB settings








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Nice ambiance fo this episode. Lot's of killing promises though, those vampires sure know how to warm the atmosphere. ^^

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