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Rhaella backstory



In commemoration of 100 views I'm releasing the backstory for my first character.


I also realise this is kinda rushed and pretty amateurish but ti was an attempt


Rhaella and Rhaenys were twins. One got the body of a dragon and a mortal soul, the other a mortal body and the soul of a dragon. 


Rhaella was sent away to Hammerfell, where she became the sun kissed beauty she is. She naturally had the talent for fighting. She was a sellsword from the age of fourteen. She eventually amassed enough gold to open a brothel. It got her a lot of money and a very good time, owner discount and all. Yet she never felt truly at home. She bought passage to the Imperial City. She began to notice the horrors the Great War had left in its wake. She suffered under Thalmor rule and began a small scale rebellion, though the Thalmor called the rebels terrorists. In one last ditch effort they attacked the embassy in the Imperial City. The Thalmor caught wind of the attack and besieged the camp. A Thalmor wizard attacked Rhaella with a strange magic that she didn't recognise. She was left with scars on her face. On her right was a strange symbol, that looked daedric and then there was vines swirling around it. She was eventually captured and sent to the executioner's block. She escaped and didn't stop running until she reached the border near Blackwater Crossing. Where she fell into an imperial ambush. Soon she faced the same thing she had just escaped from. Execution.


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