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Seeking Freedom Pt. 10

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Frostfall, 2nd, 4E 201---
Today I am writing about a topic that many would consider shameful, even insolent to mention.

What the chastity belt and its attachment does with a woman. I touched on this briefly before, mentioning how it dominates you (me) and how its effects will make anyone surrender to their masters every whim.

I also mentioned that without the belt, abstinence has not been a problem for me, mostly because if some asshole keeps you in chains there is no room for romance, and most likely you'll only see abuse and rape. I have heard before that some say that a "master" forcing himself on a slave cannot be rape, since the slave is his property and thus he has control in such matters over her. Even further, if the slave struggles or does not make him feel good, the slave would be disobedient, and needs punishing.

This is something only said by the most disgusting slavers in the entirety of Tamriel. No proper person could think that a man forcing himself with the full weight of his body onto a woman is not rape. Although I have to admit with some shame that many people in the province of Skyrim hold the view that there is no rape between people married. These views do not hold up to any amount of scrutinity.

Returning to the topic at hand, the belt creates a presence. Chastity belts are, by their nature, and entirely intentional, very tight fitting bonds. Thus, any wearer of such a belt will at any given moment be completely aware of wearing it, it is impossible to ignore or adapt to the pressure the belt puts on one's body. This ongoing awareness of being bound, even in your most intimiate areas, completely undermines any self-confidence one might have; you cannot look someone having this amount of intimate control over you dead in the eye and disobey them.

However, there is another part to this, which I so far only wrote ever so slightly about.

The "attachment", called "plugs" by the smith and shop slaves. It is roughly shaped like the penis of a man, but is attached firmly to the belt. As the belt is locked onto your body, the plug will dig into you. This is not where it ends. These plugs are not just some piece of (cold) steel, rather, they are formed like a cage around a piece of a soulgem. This is to say, they are enchanted, items of magic. From time to time they will not just make their presence known by simply being stuck in you, but they will vibrate, tingle or shock the insides of you. They can create feelings of pleasure, or pain, slight and intense. They can be directed by your superiors for reward or punishment, and even then they will still torture you at random.

A few nights ago, for example, I slept soundly, as I usually do. The plug woke me up with a series of jolts cursing through me, which naturally took me by surprise, I almost screamed (which might have woken someone, incurring punishment). Then it made pleasurous feelings, paused, carried on, repeating this multiple times. Naturally you cannot possibly sleep enduring this. After some time it started to create intense feelings of pleasure, but before I peaked, it sent a powerful, painful shock through me. At this point  I was soaking in sweat and exhausted. This must have had gone on for an hour or more.

This my dear journal is what the belt means. It is total control in every meaning of those words.


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