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Seeking Freedom Pt. 9

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Heartfire, 7th, 4E 201---
So yesterdays performance was deemed very good. The daily routine now looks like this, essentially:
7AM (sunrise) report to Master Markus,
get water from the well for the kitchen,
chop firewood for the kitchen,
sweep all floors,
report completion to Markus on time (before 8PM, sunset)

These pony boots have another effect, besides being awkward to walk in and preventing me from going very fast, or moving around a lot, and causing quite a bit of aching in my feet. Note that they are only removed from washing, they remain locked on me the entire day and night besides that.

Even in my sleep these boots are forcing my feet into a posture, moulding them.

But the other effect I am getting at is this: they make a lot of noise. No matter how softly you set your feet down, the iron sole will always make a fairly loud noise. I think this is so that anyone will notice if a maid is nearby. Since the rooms we sleep in are not locked during the night (unlike the barracks) we could sneak about and overhear things, but of course not with these boots. You cannot possibly sneak in these boots.

The strict binding of the maid uniform also shapes the body, ensuring a very upright posture.


---Heartfire, 13th, 4E 201---
In the mansion there is a pretty simple hierarchy: the lower the floor the lower you are. The dungeon is below all, obviously. In the ground floor there are the two maids chambers (Lori and Mila share a room with two beds and yours truly is in a separate room with a bed for two) and a chamber for Andre, the chef, and his assistant Maelasi (they sleep in the same bed, but at least she is wearing one of Masters belts). These chambers have actual beds, just to let you know, and are fairly large, at least for servants quarters. The first floor is occupied by Master Markus, Harran, captain of the guard, and the adventurer Rayani. The top floor is occupied by Master and her lover Ariasha.


---Heartfire, 28th, 4E 201---
Yesterday I had to get water again from the well. Usually I walk over the wooden walkway by the shop. Yesterday I saw some flower blossoming on the edge of the forest at the road, so I walked over the road, which is maybe twenty or thirty steps longer than using the wooden walkway.

That was a mistake. Herran wandered around the compound, as he does often, and must have seen that I was a few steps outside the compound. He cornered me immediately, demanding to know what I am doing and why I am outside the compound. I said as I wrote above, that I just wanted to look and smell the flowers on the way to the well. He was still angry, and said this time he will leave it at that, but if I'd ever leave the compound again without permission he'd make sure I'd get punished properly.

This is the amount of freedom someone my status is granted. These days in the mansion I spend almost all the time in the mansion, sweeping the floors or sleeping. I am only outside to make fire wood, or get water from the well, and as I now learned I am not allowed any detours, regardless whether I would do my chores in time or not.

The monotonous days and always the same work are wearing me, I hope I get sent away soon again. I don't quite want another adventure as intense as last time, but I sure wouldn't object to carrying some ore to an ork blacksmith, or fetching parts from Beirand or Arriane.

Today at the sunset report to Master Markus he told me that I am being moved to Rayanis room. She has a large room on the first floor with a bed for two, I get along with her very well, so let's see where this leads.


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