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Seeking Freedom Pt. 8

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Heartfire, 4th, 4E 201---
The first day the chores were dust sweeping and collecting firewood (in the full maid uniform). The mansion is pretty big and sweeping the dust to keep up with Master Markus' (aha, Master) standards it takes from sunrise (when Markus assigns tasks) to midday. After that I collected firewood, which took all day and overall Markus was not satisfied. He told me there will be a punishment the next day.


---Heartfire, 5th, 4E 201---
When assigning tasks Markus announced that I will receive a punishment at Master's discretion. She decided that I will be put on public display in the shop for a day and customers as well as her people are allowed to play around with me.

Specifically this means that they put restraining items on me, put a big punishing "plug" into me, which kept sending shocks into the center of me and tied me up in a number of ways.

While that isn't a corporeal punishment, it was very humiliating to me, because it was quite public, the shop is fairly busy and few wanted to miss out on such an attraction (as I understand, normal display slaves are not to be touched or handled in any way by customers, and will only be used for demonstrating items under supervision by the shop slaves).

I'm pretty sure that Master very intentionally picked this punishment, because I think she is aware that I am a being of dignity, that I don't enjoy being considered property, and that I certainly hate being humiliated, especially in front of others.

So while I certainly am aware just how thorough her ownership of me is, how could I forget with the belt around my waist and between my legs, with the collar always locked around my neck, the display of absolute power over me, the power to simply do with me as however she pleases, carried the lesson home clearly. Fulfil your chores to at least one-hundred percent or else.

Especially considering how minor my "transgression" was, basically I was late for the assignment debrief at sunset because the firewood took to long. Just keeping Master Markus waiting for a bit (though he doesn't actually wait, since he has had other things to do) earns a rather thorough punishment. However, it was my first punishment, at least intended punishment, in this compound since I arrived here (I am not counting the mine work, the trip to the ork stronghold and being a slave here, obviously). Maybe it was really just to drive the point home.
Do not fail your masters. Ever. No matter how small the failure, expect punishment.


---Heartfire, 6th, 4E 201---
To avoid further punishments and maybe come closer again to "earning" my freedom ... how could I earn something that I was born with? How can I earn something that someone took from me, simply by force? My freedom is not something that I lost, gave up or exchanged or whatever, it was taken from me and then some. I will not use those words.

So, I will work hard to avoid being punished, and maybe get my freedom back. Get my freedom back, those are the proper words.

I still have to consider it may still simply be a carrot dangling in front of the mule. You can always deny the reward, by simply setting too high requirements, giving assignments that I couldn't possibly complete, then handing out a punishment for the failure, and of course saying that under-performing slaves don't get their freedom.

I do have hope, not confidence, not in this matter, that Master is speaking in honesty when she says she may release me, if I do well.



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