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Seeking Freedom Pt. 3

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Last Seed, 30th, 4E 201---
I have to admit that the belt gets to me. I never touched myself often in the past, I just didn't feel like it often. Since I was laid in chains years ago, I was often abused and held in unspeakable conditions.

But this belt, with its plug digging into me, flouncing and bouncing in me, it gets to me. It makes me thirsty, it wettens me where the belt is, and it softens me, makes me obedient. I loathe it, for what it does to me, for what it means.

Put a collar on someone, chain them to a wall. You own their body, but you don't get to their mind, their thoughts, their soul.

But this contraption, it makes them squirm, it makes me squirm under their heel. It is total power.
All power you have goes to the one wielding the key.
That small, little key.


---Last Seed, 31st, 4E 201---
I've been sent to Solitude, by the Master personally, to exchange coin for an item. I should meet someone by the lighthouse, I have a bad feeling about this, but no choice to make.



---Heartfire, 1st, 4E 201---
I arrived at the lighthouse, some guys were near it. They called me to stop about 60 steps from it, asked who sent me etc., a lackey collected the coin.

And then they handed me the lesh of a heavily bound slave. She was gagged and hooded, her arms pulled behind her back and bound in a pose that is painful to even look at. Her neck was bound in a bizarre, wide collar and her waist was covered by a locked corset with steel bars in it. A chastity belt was locked onto her, and boots that forced her to walk slowly.

And to top it all off, the guy (Darian) told me, that some imperials were looking for her.


Now I must bring her back to the compound, without getting caught by any guards -- what are you doing with that bound woman? "Uhm, not ... slave trading?" or the imperials haunting for her.
I didn't even know what the imperials want, if they want to free her or kill her, and what they would do to me. But I would find out.

The first hunter was near the Solitude docks, at the crossing of the road coming up from the docks. He angrily demanded that a merchant show what he has in his carriage. I was able to evade her, but the slave struggled.

We made way to Dragons Bridge, but another hunter was waiting at the end of it. As we crossed over, a second hunter came in from the other side. She asked me, obviously knowing what was going on, who the slave was. I said she's a slave, like me (I pointed at the glaringly obvious steel collar around my neck), and that's she's being punished. The hunter of course did not buy it. Without hesitation she swung her blade flat against my head and everything went black.

I woke up on the floor in some kind of throne room.
A guard pulled me to my feet, and I saw that the slave (still locked in most of the restraints, but with those that aren't made of metal removed) sat in the throne.




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