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Seeking Freedom Pt. 2

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Last Seed, 24th, 4E 201---
Today I traveled to Windhelm since I thought it might be Raldbtar, which is only a bit west from Windhelm. I talked to the keeper at the inn near the gate, she knows the courier but hasn't seen him in weeks. This decision cost me a full day. The sun has now set and I am making for Winterhold, hoping that she might be in the I believe large ruins west to it.

I have now reached Winterhold, in the middle of the night. The keeper was still awake, and the inn open, but he doesn't now the courier. It looks like I'm in the wrong spot altogether.

I'm making my way to Dawnstar.

I killed my first wolf today, with a bow no less.


---Last Seed, 25th, 4E 201---
Dawnstar was another blank. I'm getting desparate. Where to next?



---Last Seed, 26th, 4E 201---
I journeyed to Rorikstead, I arrived late after sunset. I will now march towards Markarth, the city of Dwemer. I have been told that the reach, the region around Markath, is a dangerous area, with the Forsworn being a more persuasive threat than bandits. I will have to make way through the wilderness, since there is short route from Rorikstead to Markath.

I have to treat carefully.

I have found my way to the Falkreath-Markath road. This might easy things up after all. Still, I am at least one day overdue. I hope the punishment they announced for this will not commence too soon.



---Last Seed, 26th, 4E 201---
I was just attacked by two... I think Vampires. It was vampires. Somehow I managed to kill them with my bow, but they used their magic on me, I feel weakened and sick. It should not be that far to Markarth any more where I can get help, if I have contracted their condition.

I was at the inn and they were not in Markath. Were is she?!

I am thinking, going to Whiterun might be an idea. I believe some Dwemer elevators are to the north of it, and the area is said to be inhabiated by many giants.



---Last Seed, 26th, 4E 201---
On my third day being overdue, I confirmed she is near Whiterun, because the inn keeper is pissed to this very day. The keeper wants 500 pieces in damages, and would not tell me where she came from (which she overheard, I guess, how would she know?). Obviously I am in no position to own that many pieces. But I think I can figure it out from here, I talked to some local in the inn and he told me there are at least two giants camps near the tower of Mzark, so I'm heading there now.



---Last Seed, 27th, 4E 201---
I found her. She was indeed there, but was raped (being one of Master's favourites, she actually has a key and doesn't have to constantly wear a chastity belt and collar) by a giant who stole the dwemer artifact. I was also given a research journal to pass along, it describes a dwemer artifact called "overseer" and it is a bone-chilling read, genuinely frightening.

I'm now on my way back to Captured Dreams. I hope the punishment for being late is not too harsh.

I've turned over the artifact and the journal, contrary to what I expected De'zar was not irritated by me being late at all, rather pleased that

I returned, with the important? artifact. I even got the day off (meaning that I don't have to work, I don't get the day off from the chastity belt, or the collar, or having what is "mine" outside this compound.

I told her that I think I was attacked by Vampires and I feel sick, she sent me to the captain of the guard (who also wears a collar), who sent me into the shop. Before the shop people (also slaves) shooed me out again I explained that - and why - I was sent there. A slave called Tessa gave me a potion to drink and I felt much better afterwards. I thanked her, but she didn't find that appropiate, I guess. Maybe I am just too low in her hierarchy to talk to her.


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