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Seeking Freedom Pt. 4

The Dadaist Sadaist


---Heartfire, 1st, 4E 201 (cont)---
She angrily demanded the keys, which no one gave me. This angered her even more. Then she demanded to know who did this, but I didn't know, angering her more once again. Finally she demanded who I worked for, but I didn't tell her, since I know Master (if I would ever see her or her people again) would punish me most severely for telling her. One of the two guards holding me hit me in the back of my knees, sending me on my knees, and kicked me in the back. Since my hands were tied behind my back I couldn't soften the blow, I flung face first into the floor. My face hurt and blood was coming from my nose. The "slave" asked again but I refused again for fearing the consequences.


To my surprise she didn't have the guards attack me again to force an answer, I don't think I would have been able to withstand much more. Instead she ordered them to lock me up, since she doesn't have a "playroom" here to torture me "properly". She does in Cyrodiil. The two guards dragged me down a hallway into a small cell, chaining my hands far above my head to a chain from the wall, and chaining my feet to the wall. One of the guards pulled a hood over my head, and with a final punch to the stomach he left the cell and locked it. They both left.

Some time passed.


My hands were numb after what seemed like just a few minutes, the cold feeling slowly spread down my arms. Somewhere between doze and wake it felt like there was someone nearby. A woman said, startling me "You're an idiot, you know. They knew that she was picked up at Solitude, and they of course know that the easiest way to the mainlands of Skyrim is over Dragons Bridge. Why did you go that way? Didn't my brother told you to avoid the population?
That was really stupid of you. And then you didn't even put up much of a fight, you're not a fighter, are you? Do you even know how to parry a blow, how to swing a sword? Anyway, you have one more shot at this, if you don't make it, you're dead either way. Let me help you here..." ... this entire dialogue confused me, but I figured that the woman was probably involved in the abduction of the "slave"... and I guess her brother is Darian, the captain who I was sent to to retrieve the "item". She somehow had a key for the cell, but didn't have the keys for my shackles. Instead she put some vinegar and salt into the locks, which she said would weaken them.
Finally she told me that she poisoned the "slaves" meal, which would make her sleep, and prepared some items near her bedroom to get her under control. There is a false back panel in the kitchen, she also told.

With that she left.


I waited for a while and then started to work against my shackles, there were not very tight to begin with, but the vinegar seemed to have weakened them a lot. After quite a bit of working and wiggling them, the shackle on my hands gave way. I stretched my hands, caressing them, as the blood shot back into them painfully, but returning sensation to them. I stripped the hood off my head, and made quick work of my leg irons. The cell door was leaned on the lock, so as to appear closed to casual inspection. Before the cell was a chest, and with no one appearing near the hallway I opened it - it contained everything I had on me, sans some smaller items, but including this journal in my bundle, apparently they didn't notice it.


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